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picture of Barbara SmithWelcome to Barbara Smith's integrated preschool classroom at the Howard Diagnostic Center in Brockton, Massachusetts. Barbara's classroom moved from a self-contained model to an integrated model three years ago. Currently, Barbara has 13 students in her classroom, seven typically developing and six with a broad range of developmental delays.

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Over the past three years, Barbara has incorporated a range of technologies that enable her students with disabilities to participate in all aspects of her typical preschool curriculum. Many of her students with disabilities have been non-speaking, sharing a need for alternative approaches to communication. To address these needs, Barbara uses an evolving set of classroom wide augmentative and alternative communication strategies that enable students to communicate personal preferences and interact with their peers. This fundamental emphasis on communication is the foundation for developing student's early literacy skills.

Below is a composite picture of Barbara's class gleaned from observational sessions over the past three years. You will follow the children through a typical day as they engage in a range of individual, small-group and whole-group activities.

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