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Susan-photoFirst thing in the morning we have a free choice time because children are going to the bathroom or having breakfast. It's unstructured time anyway so the classroom environment isn't conducive to teaching in a structured way. This gives the children a chance to unwind from bus rides. They engage in lots of talking and communication during this time--it's a natural way for them to make choices for what they want to do. I have some communication boards around the room for children who are non-speaking, but they are not required to use them during that time.

We got a new student in March or April and his dad urged us not to let him near the computer because he might damage it. This child is our most avid computer person. We never sat with him one-on-one during that time, but he probably has the best control of the computer and he's never done anything harmful. He sits there for up to a half hour and because he knows he has all that time, problems don't arise that might if you had to limit his access.

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