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Resource File: Early Childhood -- Literacy

Storybook Software: Product List

Below is a list of electronic storybooks available in both software and CD-ROM formats. For each program we provide the titles in the series and aspects such as platform, system requirements, and age range. We also highlight the access features for students with disabilities. This list was developed in 1994 and has not been updated since that time.

Overview of Storybook Software

Publisher: Broderbund Software
Program: Living Books Series

: Just Grandma and Me (Mac CD ROM); (ages 3-10) The Tortoise and the Hare (Mac CD ROM); (ages 3-9) New Kid on the Block (Mac CD ROM); (ages 6-11) Arthur's Teacher Trouble (Mac CD ROM); (ages 5-10) Ruff's Bone (Mac CD ROM); (ages 5-8) Little Monster at School (Mac CD ROM); (ages 3-8) Arthur's Birthday (Mac CD ROM); (ages 5-11) Harry and the Haunted House (Mac CD ROM); (ages 5-11) Additional titles soon to be published; one story per CD-ROM disk.

Also: The Playroom (Mac, IBM/compatible, WIN CD) (ages 3-7) The Treehouse (Mac, IBM/compatible) The Backyard (Mac) (ages 3-7)

These stories feature a high degree of interactivity through extensive hotspots which link to animations. Users can choose to have words, phrases or paragraphs highlighted and spoken. English, Spanish and Japanese versions are available.

Broderbund Software: Living Books Series
Platform: Mac, IBM/compatible
System requirements: Mac LC or better, 4MB RAM; MS-DOS, 386 SX, 4MB RAM, Super VGA display, Microsoft Windows, sound card.
Age range: 5-10
Address: Broderbund, P.O. Box 6125, Novato, CA 94948-6121
Phone: (800) 521-6263

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Publisher: CAST, Inc.
Program: Gateway Stories I and II.

: The Goat Ziggy in New York Inigo Gets Out Mouse Tales (7) The Little Red Hen Sam Goes Trucking Ruby and the Wizard The Fairy The Magic Chicken

With Gateway Stories I and II, users select stories, listen to the text and turn pages by clicking the mouse. Stories can also be independently accessed by a single switch when the Macintosh Switch Interface is attached. All stories are illustrated and have speech, sound or animation. Books in traditional paper-published format are included for off-computer activities. Options include adjustable scan speed and speech feedback.

Access: use Macintosh Switch Interface or Ke:nx, switches; includes adjustable scan speed
Platform: Mac
System requirements: Mac; 1 MB RAM min.; hard drive with 10 MB free disk space; system 6.0 and higher; HyperCard Player or HyperCard 1.5 and higher. Optional: Macintosh Switch Interface or Ke:nx, switches

Address: CAST Center for Applied Special Technology, 39 Cross St., Peabody, MA 01960
Phone: (508) 531-8555
TTY: (508) 538-3110

Publisher: Computer Curriculum Corporation
Program: Bravo Books (CD-ROM); Richard Scarry Read It! Series

Books: Interactive multicultural stories supplement regular classroom themes, while the multimedia environment offers music, animation and video. Each book also offers an online glossary, notepad and "record and playback" features. Text highlighting is by word, phrase or sentence. Words that were selected to be read aloud by the speech option can be reviewed later.

Richard Scarry Read It! Series: Children visit interactive and interrelated environments related to real-world activities. Simulations teach cause and effect relationships. Includes animation, music, familiar characters, and photo glossaries. A foreign language option offers Spanish word definitions.

Text highlighting is by word, phrase or sentence, and a dictionary/glossary with contextual sentences and illustrations is included.

Access: mouse and keyboard
Age range: Bravo Books: 5-9; Richard Scarry Read It! Series: 3-
Platform: Mac
System requirements: Mac LC or better; 4 MB RAM
Address: 1287 Lawrence Station Rd., Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Phone: (800) 227-8324

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Publisher: Creative Communicating
Program: StoryTime Power Pad Series, StoryTime Just for Fun, Story Holiday Fun, StoryTime Just for Fun! (5 additional stories), Story Holiday Fun (6 additional titles), StoryTime PowerPad Series (10 stories)

: Forgetful's Secret Bobby Bobby Dirty Duds Forgetful Goes to School Forgetful Makes Cereal Time for Bed Cooking Dinner On the Farm Let's Make Juice Going to the Toy Shop

Notable is that the StoryTime series can be accessed with a mouse, a single switch, PowerPad or Intellikeys. Access methods vary with program and are built-in. For example, the StoryTime Just for Fun! stories were written specifically for Intellikeys and must be used with IntelliPix software. Each story comes with a color overlay for Intellikeys. Story features include simple colored graphics, animation, enlarged text and highlighted text to speech.

Access: PowerPad, Intellikeys, single switch (IIgs only), mouse
Age range: 3-8
Platform: Apple IIe, Apple IIgs, Mac (as of Jan. '95)
Address: P.O. Box 3358, Park City, UT 84060
Phone and fax: (801) 645-7737

Publisher: Davidson & Associates, Inc.
Program: Davidson's Story Club

Davidson's Story Club, a multimedia language development system for the elementary grades (PreK-6), offers a rich variety of authentic multicultural folktales from around the world in combination with student-centered activities. Lesson components include Story Club videodiscs (stories are read aloud using real-life human voices), interactive and self-paced CD-ROM activities, and cooperative learning activities for oral and written language development. The program includes a multimedia photo dictionary. Using the CD-ROM, students can "click and explore" within the folktales, and write, illustrate, and record their own original stories. The CD-ROM activities combine highly interactive software with speech, visuals, sound and text.

Access: mouse and keyboard
Age range: (PreK 6) check if age or grade
Platform: Mac
Address: Davidson & Associates, Inc. P.O. Box 2961, Torrance, CA 90509
Phone: (800) 545-7677 or (310) 793-0600

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Publisher: Discis Knowledge Research, Inc.
Program: Discis Books (CD-ROM)

Sample Titles
: The Tale of Peter Rabbit The Tale of Benjamin Bunny Thomas' Snowsuit Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache The Paper Bag Princess Mud Puddle Cinderella

Numerous titles are available, with one story per disc. The text is highlighted by phrase and textual labels of objects are displayed. Other features include: words that are selected to be read aloud by the speech option can be reviewed later sets of fonts enable user to vary text appearance text and narration are presented in English but student can select a word a hear it in another language choice such as Spanish, French, Cantonese.

Access: mouse and keyboard
Age range: 6-10
Platform: Mac only
System requirements: CD ROM; Mac (1 MB for B & W; 2 MB for color)
Address: P.O. Box 66, Buffalo, NY 14223-0066
Phone: (800) 567-4321 or (416) 250-6537
Fax: (416) 250-6540

Publisher: Don Johnston Developmental Equipment Company
Program: UKanDu Interactive Stories

Titles: Storytime Tales (ages 3-5) Forgetful's Secret Dirty Duds Bobby, Bobby, What did You Do? Circletime Tales (ages 2-5) Eensy Weensy Spider Mary Wore Her Red Dress Five Little Ducks

Soon to be released: Storytime Tales II
CD-ROM (elementary age)
K.C. & Clyde in Fly Ball CD-ROM

Circletime Tales interactive program for emergent literacy provides rhyming and repetition to teach basic concepts such as up, down, colors and counting.

Storytime Tales provides stories which emphasize real-life content (baking a cake, washing clothing and learning the names of body parts) and predictable story lines to reinforce concept development. It speaks and highlights single words or phrases, provides choices to repeat words/phrases, to"turn the page," or stop to reread a section.

K.C. & Clyde in Fly Ball, a CD-ROM interactive adventure story program designed for the elementary classroom, focuses on words, context and multiple story paths. Characters talk directly to the student and ask questions.

The following features are included: sound effects, read-along speech, visual animation, context-sensitive explanations which help readers understand the story, and choices for alternate story paths. Also, a child's voice reads the story, an adult's voice explains the word meaning, sounds and speech match animation to promote comprehension.

Notable is that each of these programs has built-in switch accessibility which allow children with physical or cognitive disabilities to "turn pages" with the TouchWindow, single switch (with the Macintosh Switch Interface) or with a mouse click. Three buttons can be displayed for choice of "Go On," "Read" or "Go Back." Scanning can be turned on for access with a switch or mouse click.

Don Johnston Developmental Equipment Company: Storytime Tales I (Storytime Tales II soon to be released), Circletime Tales, Access: built-in switch accessibility; Ke:nx Ready-Setups for Circletime Tales and Storytime Tales

Access: keyboard, mouse, TouchWindow or switch
Age range: Circletime Tales: ages 2-5; Storytime Tales: ages 3-5,
Platform: Mac
System requirements: requires Mac LC II or higher; 8 MB RAM ; hard drive; system 7; Also required for K.C. & Clyde in Fly Ball: CD-ROM player (300 speed recommended); 256 color monitor; Optional: TouchWindow, switch devices
Address: Don Johnston Developmental Equipment Company, 1000 N. Rand Rd., Bldg. 115, Wauconda, IL 60084
Phone: (800) 999-4660 or (708) 526-2682

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Publisher: Edmark
Program: Bailey's Bookhouse

This multisensory, open-ended program allows children to experiment at their own pace with five different activities, learning letters and acquiring new vocabulary. The Read-Along technique identifies each word as it is read; students can select any word or sentence to see and hear it repeated.

All letters, words and sentences are presented in meaningful context with animated pictures, characters and sounds. Verbal feedback guides students, and all directions and written words are spoken. Children can create their own rhymes, cards and stories.

Notable is that Bailey's Bookhouse is one of the first commercially available software programs that supports single-switch accessibility and TouchWindow. via built-in preferences in software.

Access: supports touch sensitive screen (TouchWindow) and single-switch accessibility via built-in scanning.
Age range: 2-6
Platform: Mac, Mac CD, Win IBM/compatible; Win DOS CD
System requirements: Macintosh Plus or later; hard disk; system 6.0.7 or higher. For system 6.0.x, 1 MB RAM for color. for system 7.0 or higher, 2 MB RAM for monochrome and 4MB RAM for color. Optional: TouchWindow, printer. MS-DOS requires IBM or compatible; hard disk; DOS 3.1 or higher; 640K; VGA or CGA; mouse sound card required.
Address: P.O. Box 3218, Redmond, WA 98073-3218
Phone: (800) 426-0856
TDD: (206) 861-7679

Publisher: EduQuest/IBM
Program: Stories and More

This collection of 36 stories is targeted for first graders and includes both traditional folk tales and contemporary stores by well-known authors. Designed as a comprehensive reading program, 16 of the stories included comprehension-based activities with language presented in a meaningful context. Text is highlighted by word, and there are many on-screen activities. It includes extensive teaching materials and management tools for teachers

Access: mouse and keyboard
EduQuest/IBM: Stories and More
Age range: 5-9
Platform: IBM/compatible
System Requirements: 512K ; 640K if networked; stand-alone or on Token Ring network, with Digispeech or IBM speech card.
Address: One Culver Road, Dayton, NJ 08810-9988
Phone: (800) 426-3327

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Publisher: ISM, Inc.
Program: Joannne's Stories: The CD

This collection of four original stories on one disk includes an on-line visual dictionary, a quiz component that generate spelling words, and animation that serves to entertain as well as to aid comprehension. Text is highlighted by word and "hotspots" display textual labels of objects. Spanish and French narrations are included.

Access: mouse and keyboard
Age range: 5-8
Platform: Mac
System requirements: 2 MB RAM for B & W; 4MB for color
Address: ISM, Inc. 2103 Harmony Woods Rd., Owings Mills, MD 21117
Phone: (410) 560-0973

Publisher: JFL Enterprises
Program: Joseph's Readers

: Going to the Park (age 6) Going to the Farm (ages 6-7) Going on a Train Ride (ages 8-9) Going to the Mall (ages 10-12)

The series provides five integrated programs in each package, including: Talking pre and post-tests to determine each student's comfort level and progress; Joseph's Talking Book: students can choose to have the story read to them with human inflection, click on individual words for pronunciation, or just turn the pages and read without sound; Reading comprehender: provides student practice with critical reading skills by presenting talking who, what, when, where, why and how questions; The whole language builder: provides vocabulary practice in the context of a meaningful story; Talking on-line activities: students receive practice with alphabetizing, spelling, word recognition, phrase recognition and matching.

Access: mouse and keyboard
Age range: 6-12
Platform: Mac LC with system 6.0.7+; 4 MB RAM
Address: 137 Corban Court, Concord, NC 28025
Phone: (800) 542-2170

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Publisher: Milliken Publishing Company
Program: Milliken Interactive Learning Series, The Milliken StoryTeller

Little Red Riding Hood
The Ugly Duckling
Henny Penny
Jack and the Beanstalk
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
Peter Rabbit

These stories features classic children's tales, read in human voice, with words underlined to help children follow along. Provides entertaining questions to test what children have learned. Combination of speech, graphics and animation, with various levels of interaction. Student can also write their own stories and color the pictures on the screen, print the stories in outline form to create their own coloring book.

Animal Tales (CD-ROM) Wicker's Wishes The Picky Pig The Brown Bear Who Wasn't The Haunted Picnic The Not-So-Fast Rabbit The Underground Tea Party

This new interactive CD-ROM series illustrate concepts such as self-acceptance, overcoming fear, and expressing feelings. Stories feature an unusual character, use repetition and rhythm.

Milliken Publishing Company: Milliken Interactive Learning Series.
Access: mouse and keyboard;TouchWindow optional
Age range: 3-8
Platform: Mac, Apple IIgs, IBM/compatible
System requirements: Apple IIgs, 768K, 31/2" drive; IBM/compatible: DOS 2.1 or higher, 512K, color graphics card and monitor; Mac system 6.07 or higher, 1 MB RAM
Address: 1100 Research Blvd., P.O. Box 21579, St. Louis, MO 63132.
Phone: (800) 325-4136 or (314) 991-4220

Publisher: Multimedia Products Corporation
Program: Interactive StoryTime, Volumes 1 and 2

: Volume 1 Goldilocks and the Three Bears The Little Red Hen The Boy and the Donkey Volume 2 The Boy Who Cried Wolf The Milkmaid and Her Pail Belling the Cat
This series includes traditional folktales, with three stories per volume/disc.
It is highlighted by phrase, and hotspots pronounce the word and display textual labels of objects. Illustration can be printed as line drawings.

Access: mouse and keyboard
Multimedia Products Corp.: Interactive Storytime, Volumes 1 and 2
Age range: 5-8
Platform: Mac, IBM/compatible
System requirements: Mac: 1MB for B&W, 2 MB for color; DOS: 640K with VGA display, mouse, and headphones or speakers.
Address: 300 Airport Executive Park, Spring Valley, NY 10977
Phone: (914) 426-0400

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Publisher: Queue
Program: Favorite Fairy Tales

: The Elves and the Shoemaker The Emperor's New Clothes The Fairies The Frog Prince The Golden Goose Jack and the Beanstalk The Little Match Girl Little Red Riding Hood Rapunzel The Selfish Giant Rumpelstiltskin The Swineherder The Three Sillies

The series includes traditional fairy tales by Hans Christian Anderson and feature dramatically correct narration, limited animation, music and sound effects as well as supplementary teaching materials.

Program: The Greatest Children's Stories Ever Told
Titles: Three Billy Goats Gruff The Boy Who Cried Wolf The Magic Pot The Adventures of Tom Thumb Sleeping Beauty

This collection features 13 classic children's tales on one CD, suitable for grades 1-4. Along with colorful pictures and theatrical narration, an original musical score is included with each presentation. A simple graphical user interface makes access easy for young children. Children can choose to page through each story manually, or have the computer "turn" pages automatically as it reads. An animations button takes readers to special screen to explore audiovisual animations. An optional questions setting directs the program to pop up simple multiple choice questions every few screens to test children's understanding of the material.

Access: mouse and keyboard
Queue: Favorite Fairy Tales, The Greatest Children's Stories Ever Told
Age range: 6-10
Platform: Mac
System requirements: Mac LC or higher, 12" monitor or larger; 256 (8 bit) color capability, 2 MB available RAM, system 6.07 or higher, CD-ROM drive
Address: 338 Commerce Drive, Fairfield, CT 06430
Phone: (800) 232-2224 or (203) 335-0906

Publisher: Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Corporation
Program Title: Sitting on the Farm

This interactive (in English or French) CD-ROM storybook also provides for music, recording voices, and creative writing. There are four different modes: listening, reading and singing the story, or writing a story based on some of the illustrations. In Listen-Along mode, pages and pictures change automatically as story unfolds, read by an adult voice. Students can pause or resume story by pointing and clicking at pause and play buttons on the screen. In Read-Along mode, students can record themselves reading, can hear the story being read by a boy or girl, can be transported to a full-screen animation by clicking on a Page Map button. A Word Balloon button lets students explore the picture an learn new words. When moving the cursor about the screen, it may change from a balloon to a hand to a question mark to a magnifying glass to an arrow, each designating some discovery/learning feature.

Access: mouse and keyboard
Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Corporation: Sitting on the Farm
Age range: 4-10
Platform: Mac, IBM/compatible
System requirements: Mac LC or higher ; 4 MB RAM; color; system 6.0.7 or higher; DOS 3.3; hard drive, 640 K, color VGA; with CD-ROM drive, microphone, and headphones or speakers
Address: 1875 South Grant St., Suite 260, San Mateo, CA 94402
Phone: (415) 578-6340

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Publisher: Scholastic
Program: Scholastic Beginning Literacy System: Wiggleworks

WiggleWorks provides a library of 72 real books (6 copies of each), with each book also available on floppy disk or CD-ROM. The library provides three stages (K-2), each with 3 levels of difficulty. There are eight different titles per level. Children can: listen to stories read aloud read stories on their own and get help from the computer on any word or phrase record their reading and writing and hear it played back create their own books by changing words and pictures print out original books and their own art and stories explore letters and sounds using the "magnet board"

Notable access features include: built-in scanning for switch access special access features to help children with visual challenges extra support for second-language learners microphone capability

Scholastic Inc.: Wiggleworks
Access: built-in scanning for switch access
Age range: 5-7
Platform: disk or CD-ROM
Address: P.O. Box 7502, Jefferson City, MO 65102-9968
Phone: (800) 325-6149

Publisher: Tom Snyder Productions
Program: Reading Magic Library Tom Snyder lapware programs

: Jack and the Beanstalk (+ Spanish Mac) Flodd, the Bad Guy Hillary & the Beast (Mac only) Hansel & Gretel (Mac only) Fizz & Martina in Tough Krudd (Mac only)

These interactive storybooks let you chose what will happen next in the story line. Special Mac features, for example, include capability of students recording themselves reading a story and playing it back for the class or turning their version of the story into a QuickTime movie with sound.

Access: mouse and keyboard
Age range: 5-9
Platform: Mac, Apple II, IBM/compatible
System requirements: Mac 2 MG RAM, color, QuickTime capable; Apple II 64K; DOS 256K.
Address: 90 Sherman St., Cambridge, MA 02140
Phone: (800) 342-0236

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