About the Video Profiles

NCIP offers a series of videos which vividly illustrate how students with differing disabilities use a range of assistive and instructional technologies to improve their learning. Designed for use in workshops, training sessions, and courses, NCIP's video profiles can:

Each video, approximately 10-15 minutes in length, is accompanied by supporting print materials that explore topics more broadly and provide an excellent context for video viewing. The accompanying print materials can be photocopied and disseminated as needed.

The NCIP Video Profiles were produced in collaboration with the WGBH Educational Foundation, Inc.


vidicon.gif (2105 bytes)Accessible Versions of NCIP Videos

Closed Captioned

All of the NCIP Video Profiles are closed captioned, which enable deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers to access the videos. The closed captions are viewed by using a set-top decoder or a caption-ready television; otherwise, they are not displayed on the screen.

Open Captioned

NCIP also offers open captioned versions of all of the videos. Open captions are displayed on the video itself and are useful when the video is viewed by individuals or audiences who may not have a decoder or caption-ready television.

You may order an open captioned version of any of the NCIP Video Profiles by selecting that option on the order form.


NCIP offers described versions of their Video Profiles, which makes video accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired. The videos have been described by WGBH's Descriptive Video Service (DVS), which provides narrated descriptions of a video's key visual elements without interfering with the program audio or dialogue. The narration describes visual elements such as actions, subtitles, scene changes, graphics and body language. Descriptive Video Service was developed by the WGBH Educational Foundation, Inc. in Boston, producer of many public television programs and a leader in the development of accessible media.

You may order a described version of any of the NCIP Video Profiles by selecting that option on the order form.

For more information about captioning and DVS:

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