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Spotlight on Voice Recognition:
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The Fundamentals of Voice Recognition

  1. What is voice recognition technology?
  2. How does voice recognition work?
  3. What happens when the computer does not recognize a dictated word correctly?
  4. What exactly constitutes a voice recognition system?
  5. How do voice recognition systems differ from one another?
  6. Aren't voice recognition systems prohibitively expensive?
  7. Which are the leading voice recognition systems on the market?
  8. Which system do you think is the best?
  9. How fast can a person "type" or input text using voice recognition?
  10. Will voice recognition systems ever be able to recognize continuous speech?


  1. How can voice recognition benefit students with physical disabilities?
  2. How can voice recognition benefit students with learning disabilities?
  3. If learning disabled students use voice recognition for writing, are they still able to use other methods?
  4. Is voice recognition appropriate for all students with writing difficulties?
  5. Do students need to have all the skills you mentioned in the preceding question to be able to use voice recognition?
  6. How can one best determine whether or not an individual student can use voice recognition?
  7. Can students with speech impairments use voice recognition?
  8. Is there any research on who are the best potential users?


  1. How important is training?
  2. Is training school-age students different from training adults?
  3. What might a voice recognition training sequence for younger students look like?
  4. Once the voice file has been set up, how does the student learn to operate the system?


  1. Where should a system reside? At school, at home, or both?
  2. What about the noise factor at school?
  3. Who should provide ongoing training and technical assistance?
  4. How will students and teachers in the school setting react to a student using voice recognition?
  5. What about ongoing instructional support?
  6. What are the implications for the teaching of writing and the curriculum?

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