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Pati and Caroline's Favorite Books For Learning

(From: Musselwhite & King-DeBaun, 1997, Emergent Literacy Success, Appendix: Books for Learning) The following book reviews include suggested targets for students with various communication/literacy profiles. The full Communication/Literacy Profiles, including literacy infusion goals, are presented in Chapter 1 of Emergent Literacy Success (pp. 22-25). These are merely guidelines, to help you begin to analyze Books For Learning and apply them to use with students at various stages of communication and literacy development.

by Bill Martin, Jr. (Holt)

STUDENT PROFILE: Beginning, Expanded


Basic: Insert repeated line ("Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?")

Beginning: Insert partial repeated line ("looking at me?") Request actions ("Act it out" to act out animals), Name and identify animals.

Expanded: Insert phrases ("I see a . . ." ". . . looking at me.") Develop two word/symbol utterances (color + animal).

Experienced: Begin to use function words (a yellow duck; looking at me), Insert single words or phrases when partner pauses. Re-read entire story, using AAC system.

by Frank Asch (Little Simon, Simon & Schuster)

STUDENT PROFILE: Basic, Beginning, Expanded


Basic: Insert repeated line "Moonbear loves books"

Beginning: Formulate two-word combinations in the form adjective + books, such as "big books" and "little books".

TIP: Add the repeated line "Moonbear loves books" to each page for Basic Interactors.

By Louise Framst (Louise Framst Books)

STUDENT PROFILE: Basic, Beginning, Expanded


Basic: Insert repeated line "slap slap slap" (17 repetitions!)

Beginning: Insert repeated lines "I went for a walk yesterday." and "on my way." Label and identify creatures seen on the walk.

Expanded: Insert adjective creature at appropriate place, such as "and saw a crawly caterpillar on my way.

By Pati King-DeBaun ( 1993,Creative Communicating)

STUDENT PROFILE: Beginning, Expanded, Experienced


Beginning: Insert any of the repeated lines; "Valentines! Valentines!" "Is there one for me?" "Is it mine?" Identify and label colors of valentines.

Expanded: Construct the phrase color + valentine.

Experienced: Construct the sentence "Look, a blue valentine!" word by word. Formulate possessive, such as "It is Cody's valentine." Construct the question "Is there one for me?" word by word.

By Leslie McGuire (Intervisual Books)

STUDENT PROFILE: Basic, Beginning, Expanded


Basic: Insert repeated line "Brush brush brush."

Beginning: Label and identify animals.

Expanded: Insert animal names ("Monkeys brush them back and forth.")


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