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Pati & Caroline's Favorite Art Software

Both Pati & Caroline love the success that children with severe disabilities can have with construction art programs. Below are a few examples from Chapter 5 of the Emergent Literacy Success Book.

IntelliPics Collection 1: Early Play (Macintosh - Linda J. Burkhart)

This collection of IntelliPics files is a sampling of possibilities for art-related software developed using IntelliPics. For example, the file titled "Clay" permits children to manipulate clay on the computer screen (pound, stretch, make a snake, drop it), with several colors of clay available.

IntelliKeys Coloring Book (Macintosh, IntelliTools)

This program is similar to traditional coloring books. The student selects the color via scanning or IntelliKeys and determines where to place the color. There are two versions of the coloring book, Animals and Holidays.

Emergent Literacy Setups 95' & 96' (Macintosh, - Creative Communicating)

The 95' collection of setups are ready for use with ClickIt and Kid Pix. You must have both programs to use these setups. Activities include Creating a witches Brew, What Spiders eat Art Activity, and Semantic web about spiders. The 96' collection of setups are ready for use with ClickIt, Kid Pix and Speaking Dynamically. You must have all programs to use these setups. The Speaking Dynamically file is a starter board for the story "Good for You" by Joy Cowley. The activities include: an art activity for creating sandwiches, a comparative math activity for sizing feet, and a science activity, creating a food chain. Included with these setups are complete instructions for all the activities and how to make adaptations. A great way to learn how to create your own custom setups! Setups require switch interface slot 1, Ke:nx or Discover Switch slot 1, spacebar or IntelliKeys.

KidPix (Macintosh, PC - Broderbund Software, Inc.)

KidPix is a fun creative drawing program designed forchildren. This program is in color and includes fun stamps, sound effects, options which appear at the bottom of the screen rather than in a menu or dialog box, and tools that perform functions with a minimum number of actions. Children can use this program to illustrate stories, create lists or cards, and so forth. Kid Cuts is another Broderbund program, similar to KidPix, for creating paper crafts. Adaptations will need to be made for Ke:nx, The Discover Products, IntelliKeys or ClickIt.


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