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This Magic Trick sets up a drawing template (e.g., a spider web or a cauldron) using KidPix. A ClickIt setup is then developed to scan through the items located near the drawing (e.g., insects for the spider web, crazy foods for the cauldron) and place them in the desired location on the drawing. This activity will only work with the Switch Interface Box, Ke:nx, Discover Switch, in slot 1 (Don Johnston) Spacebar and flap switch, or IntelliKeys (IntelliTools) through Switch 1.


This activity permits a student who uses a single switch to make selections and create a fun graphic related to a story, which can then be printed out for posterity. It is a powerful literacy-related art activity. The activity below describes how to create an activity for Stirring the Brew (King-DeBaun,1993) from Emergent Literacy Extension Activities 95' (Creative Communicating,)


  1. Draw your witches brew in KidPix just like the one in the side bar Make sure you add the items you want to go into the brew (e.g., frog, pumpkins, toilet paper, etc.).
  2. Open ClickIt by selecting <Control> and <spacebar>.
  3. Open SETS.
  4. Create two sets labeled "Items Scanned" and " Brew."
  5. Highlight "Scanned Items" and close the window.
  6. Open "Hot Spots" and center Hot Spot A on top of the frog.
  7. Open OPTIONS.
    1. For Actions select" BUTTON DOWN"
    2. For selection sound type in or record, "Put in frogs, Put in frogs" A scanning sound of "frogs" can be added if necessary.
    3. For Highlighting select RECTANGLE.
    4. Select size of 72 x 72.
  8. Select "More." For "branch to" place your arrow in the box and scan down to" Brew"
  9. Complete one hot spot for each of the items to be placed in the brew.
  10. Next you will need to create where those items go.
  11. Under Sets highlight "Brew." Close the window.
  12. Open up the Hot Spots and create as many hot spots as desired. Place anywhere on the drawing of the brew.
  13. Open OPTION for each Hot spot.
    1. For Actions select BUTTON UP.
    2. For Highlighting select RECTANGLE.
    3. For Size select 72 x 72.
  14. Select "More." For "branch to" place your arrow in the box and scan down to" Items Scanned."
  15. Close out of KidPix, saving your screen. Highlight the screen on your hard drive. In the main menu under file select "Get INFO". Click on template. Now each time you open up this screen it will prompt to save changes, so you do not write over the original.
Witches Brew drawing
  1. Open your new file in KidPix and try out the setup.
  2. First select the Moving Van from the sidebar in the KidPix program. Select the smaller square form the menu at the bottom (See sidebar).
 screenshot of drawing tools menu items


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