Navigating the Workshop Web Pages

Major Links

The major areas of the Workshop are all listed on the Early Childhood Welcome Page of the NCIP Web site. These major links are:

Getting Acquainted
For the posting of your introduction.

Tips & Talk
A general discussion area for posting technical questions and general comments. This is the conference to use when you want to post test messages in order to learn the conferencing system.

A compilation of all the resources cited in the Topic discussion conferences. You can find additional resources related to the Workshop, such as a compilation of all the topic overviews in text-only format, and a text-only version of the Workshop Guide.

Topic Areas
Each Monday beginning March 3, a new topic will be linked to the Early Childhood Welcome Page. From this link on the Welcome Page you can access the discussion area, the topic overview, and case examples related to the topic. The four topic areas are:

Books for Learning/Books for Fun (Mar 3)

The Art & Writing Connection (Mar 10)

Building Success in Writing: Story Construction (Mar17)

Making Writing Fit into Your Busy Schedule (Mar 24)


Activity Center
For those participating in the designing of an emergent writing unit.

Note: For a graphical representation of these links, see the Workshop Map.

The Toolbar

A "toolbar" at the bottom of each page in the Workshop will help you navigate the workshop pages.


On the toolbar, you will find:


ncip home icon

NCIP home to go to the NCIP home page.

EC welcome icon

EC Welcome page to go to the Welcome page of the workshop.

EC guide icon

EC Guide to access the guide.

activity icon

Activity Center to go to the Activity Center Discussion.


early childhood tour icon

EC Tour will go to the first page of the NCIP Early Childhood Tour.

help icon

The Help button on the toolbar will create an email message which you can send to NCIP staff for assistance.