Workshop Participation

There will be approximately 80 registrants for this workshop. Our expectation is that all registrants will actively participate by making frequent contributions to the discussion conferences. It is important to become familiar with the conferencing system (HyperNews) as soon as possible. Prior participants in NCIP workshops and workshops have indicated that learning the software took longer than expected but that knowing the software was key to their successful participation.

The workshop will begin with a Getting Acquainted week (February 24-March 2) during which participants will be asked to introduce themselves and get familiar with the workshop pages at the site and the discussion conferences. This week is also a good time to try out the conferencing software by posting to the Tips and Talk conference.

Following the preliminary week, Caroline and Pati will lead the workshop, exploring topics related to fostering creativity among students with disabilities in early childhood. All participants will be involved in the Topic Discussions. In addition, participants may elect to take part in the Activity Center and/or the Offline Challenges to extend their participation.

Topic Discussions

There will be four topics explored during this workshop. Each topic will have a discussion conference and related resources in the form of an overview, case examples from the NCIP Early Childhood Tour, a reference list, and links to other Web sites. The four topics are:

Books for Learning, Books for Enjoyment

The Art and Writing Connection

Building Success in Writing

Making Writing Fit in Your Busy Schedule

Beginning March 3, each Monday during the Workshop, the discussion will move to a new topic discussion area. For a full description of the four topics, see the section entitled: A Week-by-Week Guide to the Workshop.

Activity Center

In addition to the Topic Discussions, you may elect to take part in the Activity Center. The Activity Center is an extension of the Topic Discussions that gives participants an opportunity to work hands-on with the concepts discussed during the workshop. Each activity participant will design a storybook-centered emergent writing activity. As they design their units, activity participants will get feedback and additional ideas fom Caroline and Pati and the other activity participants. For those who wish, at the end of the workshop, NCIP will disseminate the activities on the NCIP Web site.

Because the work on the activities builds over the four weeks, those who wish to participate in the Activity Center should "sign up" before the start of Topic 1 on March 3 by sending an email to Denise Ethier,

Offline Challenges

If you are participating in this workshop as a group; or, you will be sharing what happens during the workshop with colleagues; or, you wish to try some hands-on work but do not wish to commit to the Activity Center, be on the look out for Caroline's and Pati's Offline Challenges. The Offline Challenges are listed and described in the section, Week-by-Week Guide to the Workshop.