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Pati and Caroline's Favorite Books For Enjoyment

(From: Musselwhite & King-DeBaun, 1997, Emergent Literacy Success, Appendix: Books for Learning)

Adapted from "Over In The Meadow" (Golden Press)

DESCRIPTION: This retelling of the traditional rhyme includes 10 mothers and her babies. Each mother tells her babies what to do ("Swim" said the mother), and the babies promise to do it ("We swim", said the two), then they really do (So they swam all day where the stream runs blue).

SPECIAL FEATURES: Rhythm, rhyme (blue/two, tree/three), repetition ("over in the meadow"), and predictable pattern ("lived an old mother owl and her little owls three").

By Robert Munsch (Firefly Books)

DESCRIPTION: This story tells of a young mother who holds her newborn son and sings a special song to him. This is repeated throughout his growing up, until finally he sings the song to her, then to his newborn daughter. Multiple lines of text per page.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Good book for mother/child closeness. Repeated phrase "back and forth." Repeated song "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be."

By Jim Aylesworth (Henry Holt and Company)

DESCRIPTION: An alliterative; ABC book about the adventures of a fly, such as "He lit on the List for the grocery store." "He sniffed the Salami that sister sliced." This book has wonderful repeated lines such as: "Shoo fly! Shoo fly! Shooo." Repeated poem "Old black fly's been buzzin' aroun, buzzin' around, buzzin' around, And he's had a very busy bad day."

SPECIAL FEATURES: Great repeated lines, rhyming, rhythm, and alliterations; Illustrations are wonderful but quite abstract.

By Eric Carle (Philomel)

DESCRIPTION: The little cricket is greeted by many other creatures, but is not able to make a sound, hard as he tries!

SPECIAL FEATURES: Simple greetings from the creatures ("welcome", "good morning", "hello", "hi"). Slot-filler sentence ("so he rubbed his wings together").

By Robert Kraus (MacMillan)

DESCRIPTION: This book is one of a delightful series about a little mouse. In answer to the title question, the little mouse replies "Nobody's mouse." then the questioner asks "Where is your mother/father/sister/brother?, and is told of the terrible fates that have met each (inside the cat, caught in a trap, etc.) Finally all are rescued and the little mouse belongs to an entire family again.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Series of slot-filler questions and answers, with rhyming and rhythm. Lovely, stylized graphics.


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