Preparing the Environment for Literacy!



Do you have a class schedule that incorporates literacy-related activities? (see sample) ____

Do you have a sense of where your students fit in on the Communication/Literacy Profiles?____

Have you determined language/communication goals for specific students during literacy and literacy extension activities?____

Do you have voice output available for nonspeaking children?
____ adapted tape player + loop tape
____ "Off the shelf" devices (e.g., Photo Frame/Radio Shack)
____ commercial voice output devices (See Appendix A of Emergent Literacy)
____ computers + speech synthesizers

Have you developed a library of Books For Learning?____

Have you developed a library of Books for Enjoyment?____

Do you have appropriate resource books for:
____ poetry
____ art
____ drama
____ hand rhymes
____ music
____ science
____ cooking?

Do you have book adaptation materials as required for students with special needs?
____ page fluffers
____ notebooks and page protectors
____ book easels
____ book holders
____ slide projector, control, and books on slides
____ large print books
____ communication displays

Have some of the books in your library been modified in advance to meet the needs of students?
____ symbols for repeated lines
____ signs added
____ symbols added
____ spine markings (ex: colored tape) to indicate features
____ enlarged print
____ tactile enhancements

Do you have the following available?
____ large writing charts
____ graphs
____ pocket charts
____ enlarged recipe cards
____ write-on boards

Do you have light-tech adaptations such as those described in Chapters 2 and 5 of Emergent Literacy?
____ choice boards
____ pointing gloves
____ T-pointers
____ message boards
____ velcro boards

Do you have appropriate art/writing adaptations such as those described in Chapter 5 of Emergent Literacy?
____ adapted stamp holders
____ tacky holders
____ passive/active grasp holders

Have you labeled important items within the environment?
____ student names
____ colors
____ learning centers
____ materials used frequently (markers, blocks, scissors, etc.)

Do you have the computer adaptations your students need?
____ peripherals (ex: IntelliKeys, Ke:nx, or switch interface)
____ light tech modifications, such as flap switches and keyboard covers

Do you have appropriate software for your students?____

Have you engineered routine events (ex: Circle Time activities, snack, art, food preparation, P.E.) following the approach suggested by Goossens', Crain, and Elder (1992, 1994a, 1994b)?____

©1997, Caroline Musselwhite & Pati King-DeBaun, Emergent Literacy Success: Merging Technology and Whole Language.


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