Technical Tips

What's Where and How to Get There

The site map illustrates how the Web pages will be laid out. There is a graphical and text-only version of this map on the Web site, accessible from the Site Map link on every page.

There are several links on each page that will help you navigate the workshop. For the small-group discussions, access the link with your group number. To find your group number, check the Who’s Here link. To access the panel discussion, use the Expert Panel link.

Other major links are:

Workshop Home. Links to the home page of the workshop. Check the home page for the week's activities and current announcements.

Large-Group Discussions. Links to the large-group discussion and activity for the week.

Resources and Sharing Table. Links to the resource area and the sharing table discussion, where you can share resources and post questions for the faculty and other participants.

Technical Tips. Links to the Technical Tips discussion, where you can post questions about technical problems you may have. Technical Tips will be up a few days prior to the official start of the workshop for you to practice using the conferencing software.

In addition, at the bottom of each Web page is a toolbar that includes the following additional navigational links:

Site Map. Links to the map of the Workshop pages in graphical and text-only formats.  Since the map is hyperlinked, you can use the map to quickly link to pages in the workshop.

Workshop Guide. Links to the online version of this Guide.

Help. Generates an e-mail to Denise Ethier, the workshop administrator.

NCIP Home. Links to NCIP’s home page.

Using the Conferencing Software

For this workshop, we will use LotusNotes conferencing software. LotusNotes is a powerful organizing database that enables the viewing of messages by defined fields and keywords. If you have never used LotusNotes before, it may take some practice. Prior to the official start of the workshop, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that the Technical Tips discussion is open. Take some time prior to the start of the workshop to experiment with the conferencing software by posting messages to this discussion area.

Your user ID and password have been inserted into the front of this Guide. You will also receive them via e-mail prior to the start of the workshop. The first time you access a discussion conference during a new visit to the site, a window will ask you for a user ID and password. Once you have filled in your user ID and password, you won't be asked for them again until you quit and re-start your browser.

To Follow a Discussion

After you have typed in your user ID and password, the message list for the discussion conference will appear. The messages will be organized by week, with the current week listed first. Note: the message list will be collapsed; you will have to click open the week you wish to read to get a full listing of the messages.

You also have the option of viewing the messages by author or by date. Select the "By Author" view to see what individual members of the discussion group have said. Select the "All Documents" view to browse the group's discussions by date.

To read a message, select its link. From within the message you can move forward or backward in the list to read other messages, change your view, or post a reply to the message you are reading.

To Respond to a Main Topic or a Reply

Open the message you wish to reply to and click on the "New Response" hotspot at the top of the message form. You will access a "Discussion Response" form. The weekly topic will already be filled in for you, and the title of the message you are responding to will be listed under "Response to." Fill in the title of your message in the field for Subject. Then, type in your message content. To post the message, select the Submit link at the top of the message or below the content box. You will receive a feedback form informing you that your message has been posted, with links to take you back to the discussions. If you decide not to submit your message, select Close.

To Begin a Main Topic

Select the New Message hotspot from the links at the top of the message list. This will generate a "Discussion Topic" form. The weekly topic will be filled in with the current week; however, you may select another week from the pop-up list. Type in your own message title in the Subject  field. Type your message in the message content box. To post the message, select the Submit link. After you select "Submit," you will receive a feedback form informing you that your message has been posted, with links to take you back to the discussions. If you decide not to submit your message, select Close.

To edit a message that you have posted, open the message you wish to change. Select the link Edit Document.  Edit as you wish, and select Submit. Note: You can only edit your own messages.

If you are posting a long message, we recommend that you type your message on your word processor and save it as a backup. If you encounter any problems with the conferencing software, e-mail your message to Denise and she will post it for you.

Viewing the Video Clips

There are a two video clips linked to the vignettes. In most cases, accessing these clips will not be a problem. However, if you try to access a video and receive an error message, you may need to install the appropriate software. Most browsers will give you instructions on how to add the software to your system. In the resources area, we will provide links to sites where you can download video players as well. Alternatively, a link below the clip’s title will take you to a transcript of the video. The video clips embedded in the course have been taken from the full video included with this guide. If you don’t want to, or can’t access the video online, please watch the video you received instead.