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Faculty and Expert Panel

Doug Zook

Judy Zorfass

Denise Ethier

Expert Panel

Elaine Crowder

Karen Daniels

Lori DiGisi

Alan Field

Nancy Lory

Joe Martinez

Margo Mastropieri

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Participants by Name


Lynn Allen, Group 2 
Patricia Bannister, Group 1 
Paula Barker, Group 2 
Tim Beaver, Group 1 
Suzanne Berliner, Group, Group 4 
Dale Blanchard, Group 1 
Denise Boutwell, Group 2 
Freda Brown, Group 2 
Gail Bullock, Group 4 
Dee Chambliss, Group 2 
AnneMarie Cicciu, Group 3 
Libby Cohen, Group 3 
Candace Cortiella, Group 4 
Julie Crabtree, Group 4 
Elaine Crowder, Expert Panel and Group 4 
Catherine Culbertson,, Group 3 
Carmela Cunningham, Group 2 
Rita Cunningham, Group 3 

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Karen Daniels, Expert Panel and Group 1 
Frank Darytichen, Group 1 
Deborah Daub, Group 2 
Frank DeGrazio, Group 2 
Lori DiGisi, Expert Panel and Group 2 
Jennifer Dulberg, Group 3 
Adrienne Edelstein, Group 1 
Elizabeth Fales, Group 3 
Alan Field, Expert Panel and Group 1 
Lisa Friedman, Group 3 

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Terry Gannon, Group 1 
Gwendolyn Gibson, Group 3 
Virginia Goldberg, Group 2  
William Griffin, Group 3 
Bill Hersh, Group 1 
Marianne Holtzberg, Group 2 
Denise Istropulos, Group 4 

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David Jelinek, Group 1 
Jeanette Johnson, Group 1 
Catherine Jones, Group 4 
Tina Jones, Group 1 
Willette Jones, Group 4 
James Jons, Group 3 
Judith Kelly, Group 1 
Susan Kieffer, Group 2 
Howard Kimmel, Group 2 
Pamela King-Trent, Group 3 
Edie Kirchner, Group 1
Robin Kittai, Group 2 
Donna Kreskey, Group 4 
Cindy Langdon, Group 4 
Martha Lee, Group 3 
Cyvi Levin, Group 2 
Nancy Lightbody, Group 4 
Chin-Tang Liu, Group 4 
Angel Lopez, Group 1 
Nancy Lory, Expert Panel and Group 2 
David Lunney, Group 2 

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Joe Martinez, Expert Panel and Group 3 
Margo Mastropieri, Expert Panel and Group 3 
MaryAnn Matera, Group 1 
Mary McDonough, Group 1 
Beth McGuirk, Group 4 
Carolyn Minor, Group 2 
Prisca Moore, Group 4 
Diana Muldrow, Group 2 
Dennis Munk, Group 3 
Carla Nixdorf, Group 4 
Joyce Olson, Group 4 
Nancy Oshima, Group 2 
Lucy Otero, Group 2 

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Nelda Pacheco, Group 3 
Cheryl Pototsky, Group 3 
Richard Radtke, Group 2 
Derek Ramdass, Group 4 
Ingvild Kristine Roald, Group 4 
Alan Roth, Group 3 
Rochelle Rubin, Group 3 

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Esther Schuldt, Group 4 
Richard Sevits, Group 2 
Anita Silverman, Group 1 
Richardean Smalls, Group 1 
Deborah Stone, Group 1 
Michael Surma, Group 3 
Bruce Tillit, Group 1 
Greg Tiwald, Group 1 

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Josephine Viviani, Group 3 
Judi Wandres, Group 3 
Cathy Ward, Group 4 
Jim Wheeler, Group 3 
Patricia Williams, Expert Panel and Group 4 
Robert Wojnarowski, Group 1 
Cyndy Woods, Group, Group 4 

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Participants by Group
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Group 1 
Alan Field and Karen Daniels, facilitators

Patricia Bannister
Tim Beaver
Dale Blanchard
Karen Daniels
Frank Darytichen
Adrienne Edelstein 
Alan Field
Terry Gannon
Bill Hersh 
David Jelinek
Jeanette Johnson
Tina Jones
Judith Kelly
Edie Kirchner
Angel Lopez 
MaryAnn Matera
Mary McDonough
Anita Silverman
Richardean Smalls
Deborah Stone
Bruce Tillit
Greg Tiwald
Robert Wojnarowski

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Group 2 
Lori DiGisi and Nancy Lory, facilitators

Lynn Allen
Paula Barker
Denise Boutwell
Freda Brown
Dee Chambliss
Carmela Cunningham
Deborah Daub
Frank DeGrazio
Lori DiGisi
Virginia Goldberg
Marianne Holtzberg 
Susan Kieffer
Howard Kimmel
Robin Kittai
Cyvi Levin
Nancy Lory
David Lunney
Carolyn Minor
Diana Muldrow
Nancy Oshima
Lucy Otero
Richard Radtke
Richard Sevits

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Group 3
Joe Martinez and Margo Mastropieri, facilitators

AnneMarie Cicciu
Libby Cohen 
Catherine Culbertson
Rita Cunningham
Jennifer Dulberg
Elizabeth Fales 
Lisa Friedman
Gwendolyn Gibson 
William Griffin
James Jons
Pamela King-Trent
Martha Lee
Joe Martinez
Margo Mastropieri
Dennis Munk 
Nelda Pacheco 
Cheryl Pototsky
Alan Roth 
Rochelle Rubin 
Michael Surma 
Josephine Viviani
Judi Wandres 
Jim Wheeler 

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Group 4 
Elaine Crowder, facilitator

Suzanne Berliner 
Gail Bullock 
Candace Cortiella 
Elaine Crowder
Julie Crabtree 
Denise Istropulos
Catherine Jones 
Willette Jones
Donna Kreskey 
Cindy Langdon 
Nancy Lightbody 
Chin-Tang Liu 
Beth McGuirk
Prisca Moore 
Carla Nixdorf 
Joyce Olson 
Derek Ramdass
Ingvild Kristine Roald 
Esther Schuldt 
Cathy Ward 
Cyndy Woods 

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