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This is an excellent definition which agrees very much with my own thoughts about assistive technology. Even without an identified disability, I require a system of technology (a computer, modem, and internet service provider) to participate in this discussion. However, caution should be used when applying this definition to an education institution's responsibility to provide assistive technology for students - particularly in the use of the word "maximum", for though I require a computer for this task, I do NOT require a Power Macintosh with 24 M. of memory, even though that is what I prefer! In addition, it must be remembered that schools are only responsible for providing the technology required for the purpose of addressing goals specified in a student's I.E.P.... a VERY good reason for working hard at developing appropriate, effective I.E.P.s!

Also, in addition to low and high technology described by Diane and Gail, I would like for us to add, "No Tech" strategies, such as the eye gaze and gesture strategies given in my earlier comment.

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