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Quote by Jerome Bruner

Jerome Bruner's statement pretty much says much what I was aiming at in the development of the SETT Framework. As I attended conferences, talked with, and worked with people in a variety of settings with students with differing abilities and disabilities, I found that when confronted with sound but different ideas, many people discounted the ideas with the statement, "Well, that's a good idea, but that wouldn't work with MY kids! MY kids are different than the ones s/he was talking about!"

SETT turned out to be my stab at Bruner's "simpler structure" that, from my perspective, has usefulness in every situation where there is a desire to appropriately and accurately work through a process to determine a student's needs and identify technology which could address those needs for that student in the places where the student would be expected to use the technology to accomplish identified tasks.

I hope, as we continue our work together that you, also, will find it applicable and widely useful. Keep in mind that SETT is a FRAMEWORK...not a protocol or procedure, and that, in fact, a number of protocols or procedures could be used in working through a SETT.

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