Navigating the Workshop

A toolbar at the bottom of each page will help you navigate the SETT pages. On the toolbar, you will find:

NCIP home will take you to the NCIP home page.

SETT will take you to the first page of the SETT Workshop.

SETT Guide IconSETT Guide will take you to the table of contents of this guide.

SETT Framework icon will link you to the working document of the SETT Framework

 SETT Discussion IconDiscussions icon will take you to a menu of all the SETT discussions

In all, there are nine conference areas. Listed in order of use, they are:

Tips & Talk: A general discussion area for posting technical questions and general comments pertaining to the process of the workshop, concerning the reading material, or issues that are not directly relevant to the content of the workshop. This is the conference to use when you want to post test messages in order to learn the conferencing system.

Virtual Introductions: For the posting of participant introductions.

Selecting AT: For the posting of messages related to your experiences selecting assistive technology.

Team Meeting Directions and Reflections: Post your questions and look here for announcements and explanations during the 'Virtual Team Meeting" (Weeks 2 and 3 of the workshop).

There are four conference areas for posting data related to the Case Study:

SETT Student

SETT Environment(s)

SETT Tasks

SETT Tools

Wrapping Up: For the posting of your thoughts about the content and process of the workshop.

NOTE: Instructions for using the conference system have been distributed in hard copy and are available in electronic format from the Table of Contents of this Guide or from the Help button in the discussion conferences.

There are also icons used throughout the SETT pages to help you navigate. These are:

SETT_read.gif (2243 bytes)READ icon. This icon indicates reading material.

Joy's comments iconThis icon points to further explanation or commentary by the workshop facilitator.

Continue iconContinue icon. Follow this link to continue through the reading material.