Workshop Participation

There will be approximately 30 participants in the workshop, including Joy Zabala, the workshop facilitator. In addition, NCIP staff will be "on hand" to support the process. Requests for technical assistance can be directed to Denise Ethier, the network administrator. You may also post questions concerning technical issues or the process to the SETT Tips & Talk Conference. You may want to use the Tips & Talk Conference to get acquainted with the HyperNews conferencing system by practicing navigation, posting, and replying.

Our expectation is that all registrants will actively participate in workshop activities and discussions. This involves reading the background and explanatory materials and making frequent contributions to the discussions. Throughout the workshop, Joy will be providing feedback and commentary. There will be some supplemental resource materials that you may choose to read in conjunction with the background materials.

Note that in addition to registered participants, there will be "visitors" to the workshop. Most of the reading materials will be available to visitors. The SETT discussions and the evolving SETT Framework will be accessible to them for reading only, not to post.