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Welcome to the SETT Virtual Team Meeting from Joy Zabala, the Workshop Facilitator

It is delightful to have each of you as a participant in the SETT Virtual Team Meeting developed and sponsored by the National Center to Improve Practice, located at Education Development Center in Newton, Massachusetts! I am located in Houston, Texas. No two of you are in the same geographic location. Yet, here we are together, pondering critical issues in assistive technology: determining the need for assistive technology for an individual student; developing a system to address identified needs in a way that is student-centered, task-based and environmentally useful; and, developing strategies which promote increases in competence, confidence and independence for system users through increased communication, participation and productivity. Our sessions together will address these issues by exploring the big ideas and intricacies of the SETT Framework as a collaborative decision-making and design process which invites effective participation by all.

To assure that each of us has a productive, enjoyable learning experience regardless of the perspective and "expertise" each of us bring to the session, I suggest the following ground rules for participation:

1) Enter discussions with high expectations and an attitude of possibility.
We are synergism in action! Each of us has a valued role in this process. Our group was intentionally selected to assure diversity of perspective, preparation and experience.

2) Participate actively and often.
Say what's on your mind! Make statements. Ask questions. Remember that, in this environment, your fingers must do talking... speaking, facial expressions, head shaking, gestures, and other non-text communication cannot be attended to by your fellow participants as it would be if we were face to face.

3) Say what's on your mind in a way that encourages active participation and deeper thought, and demonstrates mutual respect.
It is critical to express your thoughts, but two things must be remembered...
1) all contributions are important and will be honored as such; and, 2) this communication is available to anyone who happens to tap into it on the World Wide Web.

4) At this point, don't sweat the small stuff!
Keep in mind that everything posted here is a "work in progress" developed to increase our ability to move toward effective decisions in a variety of instances! Your contribution to continuous improvement is encouraged and expected!

5) Enjoy yourself!
Take pleasure in the opportunities we have to explore and discuss these issues and ideas in such an interesting format and with such limited immediate consequences! No question is too "simple" and no suggestion without value. This is a great format for trying out new ideas.

Again, welcome! Let's get moving! Ready, SETT, Go! :)

Preparing for the Virtual Team Meeting


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