Virtual Team Meeting: Working with SETT
November 8-November 25

Directions and Reflections Conference

The Directions and Reflections conference is for posting any questions or comments you may have about this part of the Workshop. Also for your overall reactions on working through the case study and using the SETT Framework.

Selecting AT

Please continue to post to the Selecting AT conference your comments relating to the selection and implementation of assistive technology.

Student, Environment(s), Tasks

Using the hypothetical case study as the basis for our Virtual Team Meeting, we will first gather data on the Student, Environments and Tasks. Conference areas have been created for each of the columns on the Framework chart. Joy and the NCIP staff will extract the key data from messages posted to the conferences and add them to the chart. The evolving chart can be viewed by following the Framework icon on the toolbar.

Student Conference

Environments Conference

Tasks Conference


After data has been collected on the Student, Environment(s) and Tasks, we will begin a discussion of the assistive technology tools that we might recommend for the student in our case. Recommendations and your reactions to others' recommendations, and issues concerning traning, support, instructional, and technical strategies and implications of these suggestions will be discussed in the Tools conference.

Tools Conference


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