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The following is the complete list of resource materials for the Workshop beginning November 1. Except where noted, we have made them available in text-only format for easy downloading. All resources are also incorporated into the Workshop Web pages.

Guide to the Ready! SETT! Go! Workshop, a text-only version of the guide to the SETT Workshop.

Background Materials, a text version of the Workshop web pages (does not include Supplementary Reading Materials.

Josh's Real World, the hypothetical case study

Supplementary Reading Materials:

ATEN Fact Sheet #1: What is Assistive Technology? Published by the Assistive Technology Educational Network.

ATEN Fact Sheet #2: Candidates for Assistive Technology. Published by the Assistive Technology Educational Network.

Calculator, S., & Jorgensen, C.M. (1991). Integrating AAC instruction into regular education settings: Expounding on best practices. Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 7, 204-214. Permission to post for duration of workshop only.

Karlan, G. Environmental Communication Teaching Training. Field-initiated Research Grant Award No. H023C9005, Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education. Lafayette, Indiana: Purdue University. Permission to post granted by author.

RESNA. (1994). Technology and the IEP: A primer for parents and professionals. Technology and Disability, 3 (2), 100-108. Note: This article was distributed in hardcopy only to participants.

Zabala, J.S. (Rev. November 1995). The SETT Framework: Critical areas to consider when making informed assistive technology secisions.

Zabala, J.S. (in press). SETTing the stage for success: Building success through effective selection and use of assistive technology systems. Proceedings of the 17th Annual Southeast Augmentative Communication Conference.


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