January 20-February 2: Working with SETT Data

During these two weeks, we will work collaboratively in small groups to analyze a hypothetical case study. (Check the participant list for your group number.) There are three parts to this topic: Part I-Becoming Immersed in the data; Part II-Digging Deeper; and Part III-Prioritizing the Data and Reflection. Each group will work at their own pace for Parts I and II, but note that Part III (Prioritizing) will begin January 29 and end February 2.

Part I-Becoming Immersed in the Data

During the first part of this topic, we want you to become immersed in the case about Josh. Please read the case carefully and think about

Josh: The Student

The Environments

The Tasks (Be as specific as possible.)

The Tools

After you have read the case and used these questions to guide your thinking, we want you to begin to fill out the SETT Framework. Each group will have a framework to fill out and each participant in the group should add their thoughts to this framework. Each participant has been allocated one row in their working group's framework in which to add data to each component of the chart (Student, Environments, Tasks, and Tools) in your row.

These are your tasks for Part I of this topic:

Part II-Digging Deeper

(Begin this conversation as soon as you have posted data to the framework.)

We want to give everyone a chance to dig more deeply beneath the initial surface brainstorming. Now is the time to present your particular viewpoint, justify your ideas, raise questions, and even debate issues.

We want this online discussion to replicate the natural give and take that takes place in schools when people collaborate around use of the SETT Framework. In those situations, after the sharing of ideas, it is important for the group to reach some kind of consensus so that they can proceed to recommending tools.

These are your tasks for Part II of this topic:

Tip:  View Workshop Discussion messages By Group to follow your own working group's discussion more easily.

Part III-Prioritizing Data and Reflection

We would like your online working group to reach some conclusions or come to consensus on the data that you have gathered. To do this, we have devised an online survey. Each participant will rank the items on their group's framework. We will tally the responses and present them back to the group so that everyone can see the results.

These are your tasks for Part III of this topic: