SETT Workshop Survey

In order to reach consensus on Josh's technology needs, please fill out this survey.

Rank statements 1 to 4 to complete the sentence below. A rank of 4 indicates the most important. A rank of 1 indicates the least important of these 4 statements. We recognize that all of the statements may be important in the decision-making process for Josh, but consider them in order of importance. Note: No two statements should receive the same ranking. For example, if you give statement #3 a rank of 4, you cannot use 4 again.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Denise, (617) 618-2422,

In ranking the statements, you should complete the following sentence:

After reviewing the data, I belive that in order to best support Josh in reaching his goals and objectives, we need to:

  Four Three Two One
Statement One:

...make decisions about the new tools which need to be added to his writing system, acquire those tools and place them with Josh immediately so that productivity barriers will be removed.
Statement Two:

... determine how OT services can be aligned with Josh's classroom demands and make recommendations for changes in services so that they will provide the most effective classroom support for Josh.
Statement Three:

... provide documentation to Josh's teachers and family members so that they will understand the legal implications of the programatic changes that are being considered.
Statement Four:

... provide support to the teachers so that they can use existing tools and strategies to facilitate writing tasks for Josh without changing the critical elements of the activity or lowering the productivity standards of the program and then determine what tools need to be added to his system.

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Thank you for your answers.