[EDEQUITY] Forum on Prevention of Gender-based Violence

From: Sundra.Flansburg, Director, WEEA (sflansburg@edc.org)
Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 09:15:28 EST

The Gender and Diversities Institute at EDC & the Center for Research in
Women's Studies at the University of Costa Rica announce an Inter-American

         The Role of Education in Preventing Gender-based Violence
                            February 7-8, 2002
                           San Jose, Costa Rica

The goal of the forum is to bring together a diverse group of people who
have worked in the area of gender-based violence education and prevention,
from a range of disciplines throughout the Americas, to discuss different
understandings and approaches to this work, and to explore and build
pathways for future collaboration.

Participation at the forum is by invitation only in order to ensure a
maximum of interaction and discussion, and a diverse representation. There
will be approximately 15 representatives from North America and 25 from
Latin America, both practitioners and researchers, who work on violence
prevention from a range of perspectives, including health, education, law,
service provision for diverse populations, and others.

To receive a copy of the forum proceedings and outcomes, please contact
Sundra Flansburg at sflansburg@edc.org, or EDC, 55 Chapel Street, Newton,
MA 02458-1060.

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