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Dear EdEquity members:

Here is the delayed weekly resource list from last week that did not reach
your mail box due to some technical assistance difficulties on our server
and e-mail list. There are some resources that have time sensitive
deadlines by this week and by February. Our information for EdEquity
Weekly resource list comes from various e-sources, including external list
serves and web sites, EDC, and our own work.

NASA's Summer High School Apprenticeship Research Program
(SHARP). (http://education.nasa.gov/sharp)SHARP is sponsored by the
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and managed by Modern
Technology Systems, Inc. (MTSI). SHARP provides traditionally
underrepresented rising high school juniors and seniors with an opportunity
to develop and strengthen their research
techniques as well as their written and oral communication skills,
particularly in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering,
technology,and geography (SMETG). NASA's top science professionals, while
cutting edge research as well as working on state-of-the-art equipment,
mentor qualified students selected to participate in SHARP. To be eligible
for the Program, the student must be a U.S. citizen, at least sixteen (16)
years of age by the start of the Program in June, and be a permanent
resident, living and attending a school within a 50-mile radius of a
participating NASA Field Installation. The SHARP research experience is
offered at twelve participating NASA Field Installations across the United
States. As MTSI prepares for its year 2002 SHARP promotion and recruitment
campaign,we would appreciate any assistance that you could provide in
helping us get
the word to underrepresented students. For more information, please visit
our web site at http://www.nasasharp.com.By posting a link to our web site
you can broaden our recruiting impact. If you need additional information,
please contact me at 301-985-5191.

For high school students living more than 50 miles from a NASA Field
Installation, our sister program, SHARP PLUS, can assist. SHARP PLUS is a
university residency program with the same goals as SHARP. Once accepted
into the program, students have transportation paid plus a salary to
perform research for eight weeks in the summer at one of ten major
universities in
the United States. The program is managed by the Quality Education for
Minorities (QEM) in Washington, DC. The web site for SHARP PLUS is
http://qemnetwork.qem.org/sharpplus.html. Contact person:
James M. Strandquist
NASA SHARP Program Manager
Modern Technology Systems, Inc.
6801 Kenilworth Ave Ste 200
Riverdale MD 20737-1331
Phone (Local): 301-985-5171
Phone (Toll Free): 888-985-0303
Fax: 301-985-5176


Academic Exchange Quarterly is seeking manuscripts for its issue
focusing on special education. Topic: Special Education: Issues and
Trends Submission Deadline: February 1, 2002 Submit to:
academicexchange@yahoo.com Academic Exchange Quarterly, a
double-blind-peer-reviewed journal, welcomes research, commentary, and
other manuscripts that contribute to effective instruction and learning
regardless of level or subject. Text Layout: Manuscripts must be between
300 and 3000 words. Please avoid running head, double spacing, author's
information at the end of the article, pagination, and footnotes. All text
should be left-aligned, unjustified, single line, and in uniform font.
Bold and italics may be used. Title page (first page) must include:
author's name, e-mail and postal addresses, school affiliation, a two-line
academic bio, and less than ten-line abstract. Include any tables or
graphics in a separate attachment. Questions? Contact Subject Co-Editors
Dr. Tamarah Ashton at tamarah.ashton@csun.edu or Dr. Melinda Pierson at
mrpierson@csupomona.edu. Note: Summer 2002 publication space limited -
first come first serve. Remaining submissions, if accepted, will be
published in later issue

1)Possibilities: A Financial Resource Book for Parents of Children with
Disabilities is a planning for families. Families raising children dwith
disabilities can plan their finance's and this book is a step in that
direction. This straightforward guide to money management and financial
resources is targeted to parent of child, under the age of 18, who has a
disability. For further information about this resource contact Jennifer at
FAPE (952)838-9000 or 1-888-248-0822

2)"Making Computers and the Internet Accessible to People with
 Disabilities," taught by Sheryl Burgstahler, Director, Project DO IT, UW.
 A brief course description follows:
Making Computers and the Internet Accessible to People with Disabilities
is an online course for people with disabilities and the people they work
with. Computer and Internet skills create academic and career
opportunities for everyone. However, some individuals with disabilities
face significant barriers to computer input and output. This course will
include an overview of adaptive technology that provides access to
computers for people with a variety of disabilities; universal design
principles that can make World Wide Web pages, computing facilities and
work-sites accessible to everyone; legal issues; implementation strategies;
and useful resources. Designed for rehabilitation counselors, physical
therapists, occupational therapists, educators and administrators in K-12
and higher education,librarians, educational technologists, people with
disabilities, and
parents of people with disabilities. Course begins January 28, 2002.
Registration deadline is January 18, 2002, or as space permits. If I can
provide more information, please contact me as indicated below. If you know
someone who might be interested, please forward this
information, or the attachment below, to their attention.
Contact person:Jim Stretch, Ph.D., Program Manager, UW Extension
 5001 25th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98105-4190
 Office: 206-685-6403 FAX: 206-616-9704
e-mail: jstretch@ese.washington.edu
UW Campus Mail: Box 354221

The ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education has just
produced three new Myths & Realities.
"Return on Investment in Training" (#16) examines myths and misconceptions
about who pays and who reaps the return on investment (ROI) in training.
"Learning Technologies in Adult Education" (#17) explores beliefs about the

newer learning technologies that are being used to extend and enhance adult

learning and education.
"Older Workers" (#18) discusses some of the misconceptions about older
workers and the reality of a more active and involved older adult work
The publications are free and available as e-mail messages, PDF
attachments, or in paper. Please send your request to
ericacve@lists.acs.ohio-state.edu and be sure to include your mailing
address if you want paper copies.They will be on our website within the
week and have already been distributed to subscribers of the ERICACVE
listserv. Again, send your request to ericacve@lists.acs.ohio-state.edu.

Citigroup Offers $10,000 Plus Paid Summer Internships"
Citigroup Corporate & Investment Bank -- one of the
national corporate sponsors of Disability Mentoring Day --
is offering a great opportunity to people with
disabilities. Citigroup's Global Diversity Scholarship
Program provides a paid 10-12 week internship opportunity
during the summer before the senior year of college and a
one-time award up to $10,000, for tuition, which will be
granted upon successful completion of the summer

While this scholarship program was originally created to
enhance opportunities for female and/or minority college
students, Citigroup now wants to begin using this
Scholarship Program to target students with disabilities.
Citigroup is looking for candidates demonstrating a
combination of academic and leadership abilities coupled
with experiences and personal qualities that indicate an
individual's potential to excel in the field of financial
services. Students of all disciplines and majors, who have
excelled in their pursuits, are encouraged to apply.

To find out more about Citigroup's Scholarship Program and
obtain an application, contact Dennis Miranda in the Global
Diversity Department: Dennis Miranda
Global Diversity Analyst
Citigroup Corporate & Investment Bank
388 Greenwich Street, 39th Floor
New York, NY 10013
Phone: 212-816-2196
Fax: 212-816-3438
APPLICATIONS ARE DUE FEBRUARY 25, 2002. College juniors
with disabilities should take advantage of this great
opportunity! Spread the word.

Final note:Information on these resources is provided as a service to
subscribers. EdEquity does not review or necessarily endorse these
publications or events.

Hilandia Rendon
EdEquity Moderator

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