[EDEQUITY] Vocational education for the noncollege bound students

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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 19:09:30 EST

Dear EdEquity members:

A very interesting question was posted on the CareerTech discussion forum
<careertech@lists.acs.ohio-state.edu.> I thought I should share this
question and resource with you all and the members of the vocational

Hilandia Rendon
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This message was posted January 7, 2002 CareerTech lists.
     I would like to find out what the trends are in secondary education in
     the public school systems across the U.S. in addressing the vocational
     education needs of the noncollege bound student. Can anyone describe
     programs that have been found to be successful in transitioning these
     students directly into the workplace? Sandra Gaffigan

You may want to check out www.itskillsplus.com. This program is being
implemented in many schools around the country because it it leads to
industry certification and an I.T. career in business software development
(programming). It is much more than a course in programming in that it is
designed to foster the crucial soft skills and employability skills that
business are looking for. The program was developed by an 18-year old
software development and technical training company, so it is highly
industry-driven and has been endorsed by several educational organizations
and DOEs.
Peter Demarest <PeterD@microendeavors.com>

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