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Subject: [EDEQUITY WEEA project Dialogue] Opening Statement by Carmen
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Brief Biography
Dr. Carmen Delgado Contreras is currently the Director for the
Mother-Daughter Program with the San Mateo County Office of Education in
California. Carmen has had experience at the university level in program
implementation and as a university instructor. She has also been a
consultant for two state department of education offices. She began her
career as an elementary bilingual classroom teacher and she has worked as a
site-level and district office administrator in Southern California.

Mother-Daughter Program Description
Research shows Latinas from Spanish-speaking homes remain the most
underrepresented students in colleges and universities, and also that
Hispanic mothers have a greater influence over their children than do Anglo
mothers. This project is based upon the belief that mothers and daughters
must work together to achieve brighter futures.
The program serves 5th grade girls and their mothers through in a series of
activities to impact skills needed for academic success and to acquaint
them with university life. The program familiarizes the students and their
mothers with the link between education and careers, encourages high
expectations and commitment to higher education.
The San Mateo County Office Mother-Daughter Program is modeled on one that
began in 1986 as a pilot project at the University of Texas at El Paso with
Dr. Josefina Tinajero. They are now in their sixteen year of the very
successful program.
The Mother-Daughter Programs: Tempe, AZ; El Paso, TX; Albuquerque, NM. is
featured in ˇSí Se Puede! Yes, We Can: Latinas in School by Angela Ginorio
and Michelle Huston, 2001, AAUW Educational Foundation.

Let' s start the conversation with some statements or questions that I have
about gender equity.
   1. Some kids are not encouraged like others to do well in school.
     Girls and boys get encouraged or dis-encouraged?
   2. Latinas are not expected to do well academically in schools.
   3. Things are not equitable across genders. But they are not also
     equitable within genders.

Carmen Delgado Contreras
Mother-Daughter Program
San Mateo County Office of Education
Phone: (650) 802-5619
Email: <cdcontreras@smcoe.k12.ca.us>

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