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From: Kathryn Wheeler (kawheeler@earthlink.net)
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 10:28:08 EST

I'm interested in knowing more about your school "climate" survey and
where it came from, how people feel about filling it out, if the results
surprised you, etc.

Katie Wheeler
Girls' Coalition of Greater Boston


"Jill Denner"@phoenix.edc.org, Jilld@etr.org wrote:
In response to Mary's question about "climate" surveys....
In our Young Women's Leadership Alliance, one of the goals is to impact the
school climate by putting small groups of girls in leadership roles. We use
a "school climate" survey to measure change in how students in each of the
three high schools think about equity issues. We collected this survey one
year ago, and just finished collecting the second wave. We work with
principals and teachers to get a representative sample, and survey 15% of
the students in class. Students respond to how strongly they agree (or
disagree) with statements like: All students are treated equally by
teachers; There are more advantages to being a male student; There are more
advantages to being a female student; Students with physical disabilities
are represented in school leadership.

Until we analyze the data, I can't say if there has been a change. But
simply doing the survey in the schools has generated great discussions and
interest by teachers and administration.

I am also interested in other tools people are using.

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