[EDEQUITY WEEA Project Dialogue]Partnership between sexes

From: Carmen Delgado-Contreras (cdcontreras@smcoe.k12.ca.us)
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 17:01:44 EST

Responding to Diane Diana Melvin statement,<gut1@dakota2k.net>
I agree. I think that we must provide more meaningful direction
to young man, in preparing them to behave differently. I can think of
times when we speak about teen pregnancy and we always seen to
address the issue of girl/young women's role, but seldom or less
frequently do we discuss with young man their role in this

Diane Melvin wrote:
Ann thank you for sharing the article. I have just a thought I would like
toshare. A friend of mine who studies and teaches female and male
has told me that "Fathers give their daughters permission to achieve" I
cant help but wonder about the significance of that when we look at the
numbers of single parent households headed by women and the often lacking
leadership by males in our daughters lives. Compound that with what our
daughters see constantly which is exploitation of themselves as females. I
see a lot of confusion in the lives of the young women I work with. Also
who is preparing our sons to behave any differently? I see that time spent
parenting all our children is often not a priority or a possibility
depending on the circumstance. I think it 's wonderful that you're helping
your participants discover what is respectful and also examine what
respectful means as a parent and in our homes.
Diana Melvin
South Dakota Women Work

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