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From: Carmen Delgado-Contreras (cdcontreras@smcoe.k12.ca.us)
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 14:22:52 EST

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That is the beauty of the Mother-Daughter Program. Dr. Tinajero has offered
many other possibilities for the replication of the program. It would be
wonderful if you could replicate the program with Native American Mothers
and their Daughters. You can reach Dr. Tinajero, she is currently Acting
Dean and Director of Mother-Daughter/Father-Son Programs at the University
of Texas, EL Paso at 915-747-5552.

Carmen Delgado Contreras
Mother-Daughter Program
San Mateo County Office of Education
Phone: (650) 802-5619
Email: <cdcontreras@smcoe.k12.ca.us>

Diana Melvin,<gut1@dakota2k.net> wrote:
In South Dakota, I would suspect that we have similar statistics for our
Native American Mothers and Daughters as far as school completions. Do you
believe that the Mother Daughter program could be replicated with Native
American women and their daughters?
Diana Melvin
South Dakota Women Work

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