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Subject:[EDEQUITY WEEA Project Dialogue]Closing statement by Diana Melvin
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Hello. I want to thank you for the opportunity to have dialogue with you
this past week. I'm not sure we solved any of the challenges facing
equitable treatment of all our children.

I'm excited about the work that is being done by committed professionals
across this nation. The Women's Educational Equity Act clearly has an
objective education that promotes equitable classrooms and educational

I want to suggest that this work is key to eliminating some of the poverty
in this nation. We know that most of the poor in the United States of
America are women and children. Equitable practices by definition work
toward strategies that will promote self-sufficiency for all Americans.

South Dakota and several other states (23 I think) have completed a process
referred to as The Self Sufficiency Standard.

For those of you working with women and girls there is a great web site
with six strategies that will compliment your work and provide a wealth of
information to you. This work is promoted by Wider Opportunities for Women
(WOW) at www.sixstrategies.org.

Also Women Work! The national network for women's employment has taken the
lead on many issues that relate to equity for women and girls. Their web
site is www.womenwork.org.
On behalf of South Dakota Women Work! and Exploring Your Options, South
Dakota's Women's Educational Equity Act Program, thanks to all of you who
took the time to read and interact with all of us this week. Please feel
free to contact me using the information at the end of this statement.

Also we have 8-10 other site coordinators across the state of South Dakota.
These professionals all have a number of years of experience in working
with women and girls and I would gladly connect with you one of them and
their particular area of expertise in our project.

Also our State Equity Advisor, Gloria Smith-Rockhold provides on-going
technical assistance to our project. She deserves a special thank you and
recognition for her insight and direction as we implement our project.

Lastly, you may or may not be aware that WEEA is currently not funded in
the President's Budget. Our work continues not only to provide education
to women and girls but also to educate our policy makers on the importance
of this work. I urge you to take action to maintain this important
investment in our children's future.

Diana Melvin, Project Manager
Growing Up Together
800 East Dakota
Pierre, SD 57501
(605) 224-3189 phone
(605) 224-8339 fax

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