[EDEQUITY WEEA Project Dialogue]Closing Statement by Beth Meyer

From: Beth Meyer (Bethm@etr.org)
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 16:31:18 EST

We want to thank the WEEA Equity Resource Center for inviting us to be a
part of this panel. We are inspired by how many incredible programs are
out there. We are also encouraged that so many people are doing research on
classroom and school climate, since we know that focusing on individuals
without changing the climate will not work.

As in many equity conversations, the issue of boys/sons came up, and we
wanted to share an experience we had at a high school open house last
night. Although only girls can be in our program, several parents of SONS
thanked us for offering a program where girls could educate the boys about
educational equity. We like the language that Ann Muno's Girls RAP! program
uses to talk about a climate that is positive for everyone: Respect.

There were some interesting comments about equity awareness. The mothers
that Carmen Delgado-Contreras works with do understand the issue of equity,
particularly how it relates to women and girls. Ann Muno's comments that
raising awareness about equity is not a linear process were also helpful.
We would like more dialogue on how to build off the awareness that people
already have, and how much is necessary before taking action. We would
also be interested in knowing what strategies other programs use to teach
girls and young women how to take action on equity issues.

We enjoyed the whole dialogue, but were particularly encouraged by the
discussion focusing on equity within genders and individualized work with
girls that encourages the development of their own language.

Thank you!
Jill and Beth

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Beth Meyer
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