[EDEQUITY] What are you doing for Myra Sadker Day?

From: Karen Zittleman, Advocate Manager (kzittleman@earthlink.net)
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 09:56:40 EST

What are you doing for Myra Sadker Day?

"Achieving gender equity in our schools is one of the most important steps
can take toward achieving equity in our culture. Myra Sadker understood
earlier and more profoundly than just about anyone. Myra Sadker Day is a
wonderful way of furthering the work of a woman who dedicated her life to
helping to achieve a society that honors and values girls as much as it
honors and values boys." Judy Mann, The Washington Post, March 4, 1998.

February 2002

Dear Advocate,

On March 5 we will celebrate the fifth annual Myra Sadker Day. We are
excited to share with you our plans for the day as well as our work from
past year. If you are in the Washington area on March 5, visit us at
American University
as we present the Myra Sadker Equity Award and hold a reception for this
year's winner: The National Women's Law Center. Join us afterwards as movie

producer and director Eileen Littig shows two new, compelling video
on adolescent boys and girls.

Student Rights Project: This past year, Myra Sadker Advocates was awarded
grant from the Hazen Foundation to pilot a student-teacher led site
visitation observing gender equity in schools. The project, Students and
Teachers Assessing Gender Equity (STAGE), trains participants to appraise
quality and compliance of Title IX. In April, a small team successfully
conducted STAGE at The Scotland School for Veteran's Children in
Pennsylvania. Plans for future funding and a national level dissemination
in the works.

Website Update: When surfing the Internet, be sure to click on
www.sadker.org. Along with information about Myra and the Advocacy, we've
updated the site with articles and resources on current progress and
challenges in educational equity.

New Moon: We would also like to remind you of a special partnership MSA
with the award-winning, international publications New Moon: The Magazine
Girls and Their Dreams and Daughters. For every order, Myra Sadker
will receive a donation of 25% of the subscription price. Call
and be sure to identify yourself as a supporter of Myra Sadker Advocates
you order. What a wonderful way to extend your resources and build ours!


A Hero for Daisy: In 2000 the Association for Gender Equity Leadership in

Education (formerly NCSEE) honored MSA with the Barb Landers Memorial
This funding was used for the Washington premiere of "A Hero for Daisy," an

award-winning film about the courage and determination of two-time Olympian

Chris Ernst, who successfully challenged Yale's second-class treatment of
female athletes. MSA members Karen Zittleman, Phyllis Lerner, and David
Sadker wrote a viewing guide for the film. For more information, visit

Myra Sadker Day and You
So, what will you be doing for Myra Sadker Day?

Myra Sadker Day will draw volunteers from around the nation, volunteers who

individually or collectively will plan an activity that promotes gender
equity for both females and males. Posted on the website are More than
Ways to break gender barriers. Here are several ideas to start your action

Develop posters that promote equity
Read non-sexist stories to young children
Take children to a women's athletic event
Observe classrooms to detect bias in interactions
Generate a timeline on the women's movement
Establish an award to recognize children who promote equity.
Our website offers more ideas for teachers, parents, and community

And don't forget to share your efforts with us. Photos, flyers,
and anecdotes will help us to tell the story of Myra Sadker Day. Either
email or write to us about your Myra Sadker Day activities.

David Sadker

Karen Zittleman
Advocate Manager

Myra Sadker Day
Tuesday, March 5, 2002 American University

5:30 - 6:30 PM Awards Presentation and Reception Mary Graydon Center,
Rooms 2 and 3

Join us for a reception and the 5th Annual Myra Sadker Equity Award. This
award recognizes organizations and individuals for their work and
achievements in gender equity. Previous recipients include Anne Bryant (The

American Association of University Women, and The National School Boards
Association), former Washington Post columnist Judy Mann, US Representative

Connie Morella, and the National Women's History Project. This year's

The National Women's Law Center
The Student Equity Award will also be presented to an American University
student who has demonstrated a commitment to promoting equity and
fairness in classroom and community work.

6:30 - 8:00 PM Boys and Girls in the Middle Meet the Film Maker
Mary Graydon Center, Rooms 2 and 3

What's it like for boys and girls on the eve of adolescence?
Producer/Director Eileen Littig offers fascinating insights from her
acclaimed documentaries What's Up with Middle School Guys? and Beyond the
Butterfly: Middle School Girls Speak Out. In these films, the joys and
struggles of adolescence are captured as male and female students from
diverse backgrounds talk candidly about a myriad of topics, including
school, body image, peer pressure, and sexuality. Ms. Littig will also
her experiences working with these middle-schoolers in creating these

Other special events include:
American University's Bender Library Exhibit: "The Work of American
University's Myra Sadker: Teacher Educator and Gender Equity Pioneer."

In April, 2002 Molly Murphy MacGregor, Executive Director of the National

Women's History Project, will give an invited lecture, Celebrating Women of

Courage and Vision at American University. Stay tuned for details.

For more information, contact Karen Zittleman at kzittleman@earthlink.net
David Sadker at dsadker@aol.com or phone 202.885.3728.

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