[EDEQUITY] Raising & Educating Boys a comment

From: Rochelle Riling, (seamouse@televar.com)
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 15:18:24 EST

If appropriate, I would like to encourage participation in the Raising and
Educating Boys course. As someone who took the pilot course, I have to say
can not imagine a better use of my time. I am the Title IX/Equity
Coordinator for a small school district and have dedicated much of my small
equity "budget" to enroll three other staff members in the current course
because I cannot think of a better way to spend the limited resources I
to promote equity in my school district.

The EDEQUITY list provides a lot of discourse and dialog regarding girls,
school and equity? and this is appropriate. But much of girls experiences
school and in the world are shaped by the men and boys around them.
Facilitating changes that help boys thrive in school, and which broaden our
concepts of masculinity, benefit girls directly and equity in general.
EDC/GDI as a source of distance learning is particularly important to us in
rural areas and in areas which do not offer other opportunities. I am not
associated with either the course or EDC/GDI but the resources and online
courses I have taken through them were crucial to my personal and
professional development, and I cannot help but hope for their long term
survival as a provider of such services. I would be happy to answer any
questions about my personal experiences with the boys course via my private
 -Rochelle Riling,
Omak, Washington

"Craig Flood"@phoenix.edc.org, cflood@aol.com wrote:

There are still several openings in the "Raising & Educating Boys:
Developing Strengths and Connections in a Changing World" course scheduled
to begin on March 18.
Registration information is below or link now
http://www.edc.org/GDI/develop.htm. Any questions, feel free to contact:

Craig P. Flood, Ed.D.
Course Developer and Instructor
Gender & Diversities Institute
Email: cflood@aol.com
RAISING & EDUCATING BOYS:Developing Strengths and Connections in a Changing

To read more feedback and learn about the course, visit the Institute's

Registration closes: March 11, 2002.
Course schedule: March 18 through May 13, 2002
Fee: $180 ($40 for graduate credit from Antioch University - Seattle)
For course information and online registration:

Or contact:
Sherry Tighe
Project Coordinator
Gender& Diversities Institute
Education Development Center, Inc.
55 Chapel Street
Newton, MA 02458-1060
617-969-7100 ext 2141

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