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From: Hilandia.Rendon, (edequity-admin@phoenix.edc.org)
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 15:45:51 EDT

Greeting to you all:

Spring is here and we have an exciting year on EdEquity. We have been
working hard to organize our "Dialogue with the Experts" that focuses on
current trends in the field of gender equity. Since the passage of Title IX
of the Education Amendments of 1972 the field of gender equity in education
has changed dramatically. The WEEA Equity Resource Center will be
sponsoring a number of activities over the coming year to commemorate the
30th anniversary of this grounbreaking legislation.

To start this grand celebration, we have scheduled a Dialogue with the
Experts on
Gender Equity Now: Celebrating 30 Years of Title IX to held May 20- 31,
This dialogue will kick off the discussion about the significance of Title
IX and how the field of gender equity in education has evolved in the past
30 years. We plan to address questions such as: What has been the impact of
Title IX in the school systems at the community level? state level?
national level?; What are the current gender equity issues in schools? How
do they compare with those of the past?; How has the WEEA Program had an
effect on educational equity?; How do we redefine
gender equity in the 21st century?

So I hope you all will join us for these two weeks of discussion to
highlight our accomplishments, continue to implement the work of Title IX
and to develop future leaders of gender equity.

Furthermore, I have also highlighted the three additional topics and dates
for the next Dialogues with the Experts.

Disability and Gender, August 20-24, 2002
What is the status of girls and women with disabilities, and the issues and
challenges they face? Has the school system improved in creating a gender
equitable classroom environments that benefit all students? What new
resources are available for teachers, administrators and parents? These
and other questions will be discussed by our expert panelists.

Teachers Issues, November 5-9, 2002
This dialogue will focus on the current hot issues for teachers in gender
equitable education, such as how administrators and parents support their
role, and how to handle a class of 30-35 students and still meet individual

Community Service and Gender, January 14-18, 2003
In the age of service learning, this dialogue will examine this topic from
the gender equity perspective. How are girls in today's world looking at
community service through their gendered lens? What have been the
challenges? How are community agency programs better able to serve girls
now than in the past?

I look forward to our collaboration in making this year a fruitful one and
in continuing to support and advocate for a gender fair society for
everyone. Please feel free to send this message to your colleagues.

Hilandia Rendon
EdEquity Moderator

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