[EDEQUITY Equity Now Dialogue] Opening Statement by Karen Furia

From: Karen Furia, Womens Bureau (furia-karen@dol.gov)
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 08:55:27 EDT

Hello!!!! I am karen furia and work in the Seattle Office of the Women's
Bureau. We have piloted a great new National program called WGIT, Women
and Girls in Technology. This program has three components: each month
participants can join a virtual conference call and listen to national and
local speakers talk about issues related to women and girls participation
in technology; we have a website where you can register, read about past
calls and talk to the other interested parties; and our website lets
organizations post information about their technology projects, programs
and events so people from across the nation can learn from each other about
technology. Please feel free to visit the site www.wgit.org and we invite
you to join our next conference call which is on women, technology and
disabilities. It will take place June 13, 2002.

What do you feel are the challenges of girls taking technology related
classes? Do you see girls taking classes? What are you thoughts about
women who presently work in technology related jobs? What advice do you
give young women about entering technology related classes or employment?
How do you think women are using technology today? Do you think technology
makes a difference in women's life today? How do you think technology will
impact women and girls in the future?

Karen Furia
Region X, Women's Bureau
1111 Third Ave Suite 925
Seattle, WA 98101
206-553-1534 ext 8502

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