[EDEQUITY Equity Now]Opening Statement by Linda Shevitz

From: Linda.Shevitz, Educ.Equity.Specialist (lshevitz@msde.state.md.us)
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 08:56:59 EDT

I am currently an Educational Equity Specialist and Title IX Coordinator in
the Equity Assurance and Compliance Branch at the Maryland State Department
of Education. Our office is responsible for providing assistance to all
Maryland school systems and advising the State Superintendent of Schools on
issues related to educational equity and federal and state civil rights in
education laws, including Title IX. We address equity issues of gender,
race, national origin, and disability, as well as the monitoring and
implementation of our state Education That Is Multicultural (ETM)
Regulations. Another program our office has coordinated during my 20 years
at the State Department of Education has been a Maryland Women's History
Project, which produces resource materials for all schools annually.

I have also served as past president of the Association for Gender Equity
Leadership in Education (Formerly NSCEE - the National Coalition for Sex
Equity in Education) and former Vice-Chair and current member of the
National Coalition of Women and Girls in Education (a consortium of 50
national organizations that meets monthly in Washington, D. C. to discuss
policy issues).

As we celebrate the important milestones that have been achieved during
30 years since the passage of Title IX, we clearly realize how much more is
left to be done. Two questions I would like to pose to participants in
dialogue are:

1)What kinds of assistance and training are currently being provided
locally (at school system and school levels) related to Title IX and gender
issues? How is awareness of Title IX/gender issues raised ?

2)How are state and local educators and community groups addressing
the intersection of equity issues -
and student achievement?

I am pleased to be included on this panel, and look forward to an open
exchange of ideas!!

Linda Shevitz, Educational Equity Specialist
Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
410-767-0428; fax - 410-767-0431

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