[EDEQUITY Equity Now]Maintaining Title IX...

From: Shirley Mark (sm@schottfoundation.org)
Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 11:24:58 EDT

Thanks to all--Linda, Leslie, Peggy--for this stimulating discussion. I
am also deeply concerned about what is happening under the Bush
administration. While I support wholeheartedly Susan's (Susan Susan
McKevitt, Administrator, NH Dept. of Education ) interest in expanding
Title IX to include curriculum, my fear is that all efforts will need to be
focused on maintaining Title IX as it now exists...

Shirley Mark
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Susan statement:
Hi Leslie,
Thanks for your opening statement. In reading it I saw one area where I
think some clarification is needed. You state that Title IX "addresses all
aspects of education", however, Title IX specifically excludes curriculum
from its authority, something I would hope would be included if Title IX
ever were to be re-assessed in the positive. I add that last comment, for I
know with Title IX being looked at, it is not with the intent of expanding
the coverage, but rather to limit it.
Thanks again,

Susan McKevitt, Administrator
NH Dept. of Education
101 Pleasant St. Concord, NH 03301
phone: 603-271-6613
fax: 603-271-1953
email: smckevitt@ed.state.nh.us

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