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From: Gloria Smith-Rockhold (Gloria.Smith-Rockhold@state.sd.us)
Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 10:40:21 EDT

"I don't understand the "funding law" language either. I'm not aware of
$ attached to it."

I echo Melissa's comments. In SD, "sexual harassment" is one topic that
does definitely get the attention of school administrators and teachers.
have had several suits in the state, and school districts are becoming even
more aware of their responsibilities as these cases go forward. There is a
case pending right now against a superintendent, so I guess our work is
still not done.

I do civil rights reviews in SD and make "sexual harassment" a strong topic
of discussion with administrators, teachers, and students when I interview
them. That has done a lot to raise awareness.

"Gloria Smith-Rockhold"

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Re: Comments by Linda Purrington. Could you explain what you mean by
"Title IX is only a funding law"? I don't understand that, since to my
there is no funding attached to it.

Also, I guess I don't feel as depressed about Title IX's effect on sexual
harassment, since it has been used across the country to address that
problem. The recent court decisions have certainly made it harder, and we
need desperately to change that, but compared to what we had to work with
in the 1980s and before, this is a huge improvement. I find that some
personnel have been really paying attention to sexual harassment BECAUSE
they think Title IX applies to their schools since Franklin v. Gwinnett.
had tremendous interest in prevention of sexual harassment in Wisconsin
schools since 1992, but of course it's never enough for me, or for the kids
who are being harassed in those schools that haven't paid attention (or

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