[EDEQUITY Equity Now] Each gender would achieve to the best...

From: Mary Conrad (mary.conrad@DOE.STATE.NJ.US)
Date: Fri May 24 2002 - 15:46:32 EDT

Re: Thomas Wilson's comments on nurturing and sensitivity:

WOW! What a powerful statement! I, too, wish there was research to
support your personal feelings and observations. Too often we see the
"suits" at the top, while women are afforded the opportunity for
middle-management.........with fancy titles, unequal pay and stress-related
health problems that come from juggling priorities. This affects all
women, regardless of social class, race, ethnicity, disability or national
origin. Women have NOT come a long way, baby!

If nurturing skills were taught to all children in their formative years,
we would have a growing population that assumes equality is the norm and
there would be no need for Title IX. Each gender would achieve to the best
of his or her potential........ but I'm afraid this is utopia, for now.
Our teacher training and curricula should contain content-based procedural
instruction that intersperses human qualities and equalities of both
genders, with the ultimate goal to VALUE equal treatment instead of just
patronizing it. This concept starts with a "crawl," and snowballs as
successes are achieved.

Mary Conrad
Equity Coordinator
NJ Department of Education

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