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From: Hilandia Rendon, EdEquity Moderator (edequity-admin@phoenix.edc.org)
Date: Tue May 28 2002 - 10:40:15 EDT

Greetings EdEquity members:

I have list various publications on Title IX developed by the WEEA Equity
Resource Center at EDC Inc. The are definitely other resources on Title
IX and I encourage you all to send them to the discussion to that I can
them on Friday, May 31.

Our information for EdEquity Weekly resource list comes from various
e-sources, including external list serves and web sites, EDC, and our
own work.

TITLE IX Resources are available through the WEEA Equity Resources at
EDC Inc. by calling the 1-800-225-3088 or e-mail: weeactr@edc.org

Raising the Grade:A Title IX Curriculum
Building an effective classroom for all girls and boys is the first step
toward increasing student achievement. Raising the Grade is a collection
of fun and interesting activities that will strengthen kindergartner
through twelfth graders' abilities to work together effectively across
the diversity of gender, race, national origin, and disability. Designed to
be used throughout the learning period, on its own, as part of a thematic
unit, or across the curriculum, Raising the Grade will help students
recognize that they can take action to make gender equity a reality in
all areas of their lives. (174 pp.) WEEA Equity Resource Center 1998
#2810 / $17.00

Equity in Education Series
Series offers proven approaches to meet the needs of all students in
today's diverse classrooms. Each booklet in the series helps educators,
parents, and community members understand their crucial roles in
furthering equity in schools and in society helps users identify bias and
respond to it offers activities and other hands-on tools to use in K-12
WEEA Equity Resource Center 1995
Set of four booklets:Gender Equity for Educators, Parents, and Community
(26 pp.)#2762 / $5.00
La Igualdad de genero para educadores, padres, y la comunidad
 #2800 / $5.00
Gender Stereotypes: The Links to Violence (25 pp.)
#2763 / $5.00
School-to-Work: Equitable Outcomes (26 pp.)
#2764 / $5.00
Gender-Fair Math (22 pp.) #2765 / $5.00

Title IX FAQ Packet
Designed to provide basic information about Title IX, the law that
prohibits sex discrimination in federally funded education programs and
activities. The packet outlines steps to take to advance gender equity.
Also contains practical resources to help you assess whether your school
is in compliance with Title IX, plus a WEEA Digest. WEEA Equity Resource
Center 2000 #2816 / $5.00

Legislation for Change
A Case Study of Title IX and the Women's Educational Equity Act Program
Uses Title IX and WEEA to explore education and the impact of civil rights
legislation addressing gender. Examines successes, failures, and points
to consider for promoting equity legislation. (22 pp.) Sundra Flansburg and
Katherine Hanson, WEEA Equity Resource Center 1993 #2749 / $6.00

WEEA Digests
1)Gender Equity For Males:What About the Boys?
Explores the issues that boys face both in education and in society.
Looks at how boys can be helped to reach their full potential by striving
for gender equity in education and increasing their options. Sold in packs
of 50. For a free single copy of this digest call the center at
800-225-3088. WEEA Equity Resource Center 2000(12 pp.)

2)25 Years of Title IX:A Brief History
Outlines the origins and impact of Title IX and its relationship to the
Women's Educational Equity Act. See page 16 for individual and bulk
orders.Sold in packs of 50. For a free single copy of this digest call the
center at 800-225-3088.WEEA Equity Resource Center 1997(12 pp.)

3)Title IX and Sexual Harassment
Discusses how sexual harassment affects both girls and boys, Title IX
requirements, and OCR guidance. Sold in packs of 50. For a free
single copy of this digest call the center at 800-225-3088. (12 pp.)
WEEA Equity Resource Center 1998

4)Single-Sex Education
Critical research that informs the discussion on single-sex education,
looks at early history, reasons why some advocate for or against it,
and the mixed-results for achievement. Sold in packs of 50. For a free
single copy of this digest call the center at 800-225-3088. (12 pp.)
WEEA Equity Resource Center 1999

Other resources:

Maybe you saw an article in your local paper today about income gaps
changing (mainly increasing) over the past ten years. If you are
interested in seeing a report from the Economic Institute and Center on
and Policy Priotities that includes information for all states, go to:

Celebrating a Happy Equal Pay Day? Not Likely By Joan Williams
Glass ceilings, maternal walls and changing work styles have caused a
rise in the gap between women's and men's earnings. A law school is
designing what it hopes are plans to help employers pay their staff fairly
help the bottom line.

Study Finds Wage Gap Is Just the Beginning By Laura Koss-Feder
A new report finds a surprisingly large gender gap in salary,
venture-capital funding, board positions, and just about every aspect
of the business-executive world.

The National Council for Research on Women http://www.ncrw.org/
U.S. Census Bureau Facts and Features during Women's History Month March
1-31, 2002 http://www.census.gov/Press-Release/www/2002/cb02ff03.html

American Association of University Women

Final note: Information on these resources is provided as a service to
listserv subscribers. EdEquity does not review or necessarily endorse
these publications or events.

Hilandia Rendon
EdEquity Moderator

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