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From: Emile Rosenberg (RosenbergE@k12.Waltham.ma.us)
Date: Tue May 28 2002 - 11:48:46 EDT

Responding to Mary White opening statement:
Review of data on a regular basis can provide some clues as to have
energized and viable equity initiatives are. Numbers of girls and boys
enrolled in higher level mathematics and sciences.Whether courses such as
physical education, family and consumer science (formerly called home
economics), vocational, career and technical courses are equally accessible
to both genders. The balance of athletic teams and whether girls are still
religated to single gender cheerleading squads. Data such as these
some clues. However, the subtleties of social climate in terms of planning
of events and the way students treat each other may be even more
as a measure of where we stand at any given time.

Emile Rosenberg
Assistant Superintendent of Schools


From: Mary White[SMTP:mwhite@azere.org]
Subject:[EDEQUITY Equity Now] Opening Statement by Mary Whit
............................................However, similarly to Barbara
Bitters concerns, I sense a quiet, persistent theme in working with these
students. There is still a sense of limited expectations. Gender equity is
often marginalized and not well linked to diversity.

My current research interest is in school climate, nebulous as it is. I
wondered what other folks are doing things right now to measure/interpret
the classroom or the school climate.

Mary Aleta White, Ph.D.Director - Project EAGLES
Washington Elementary School District
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