[EDEQUITY Equity Now] Automatic equity protocol

From: Emile Rosenberg (RosenbergE@k12.Waltham.ma.us)
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 10:57:40 EDT

Your work with the development and dissemination of competencies is
admirable. I believe we also need to permeate all undergraduate and
graduate coursework, all mentorship activities for beginning educators and
all ongoing professional development programs with ongoing sensitivity to
equity issues. We are either overcoming two decades of young educators
pre-career experiences which may include lack of awareness, indifference or
fear of taking a stand or making waves or familial stereotypes that may
exist. I have come to the point of striving for ongoing efforts to create
habit formation in staff. Whenever faced with curriculum issues,
programmatic planning, investigation of allegations of inequity or student
or parent complaints, I want staff to have an automatic equity reflection
that they have internalized and automatically utilize as an ever-present
Emile Rosenberg
Assistant Superintendent of Waltham Schools


From: Barbara A.Bitters[SMTP:Barbara.Bitters@dpi.state.wi.us]
Sent: Friday, May 24, 2002 5:21 PM
Subject: [EDEQUITY Equity Now] Resource on Equity competencies

Thanks (Kathy Johnson) for asking about equity competencies for educators.
My team is working on a draft of equity competencies for each of the new
teacher, administrator and counselor standards for a license in Wisconsin.
I am not ready to share that document--it is long and very drafty. I am
going to present This draft work at the AGELE conference in July.
In the late 1980's, I drafted a list of student equity competencies
(pages 33-350) and school competencies (pages 43-49) which were published
in "Wisconsin Model for Sex Equity in Career and Technical Education
1993. This is the "purple book" from Wisconsin. If you would like a free
copy please send a mailing label to me by snail mail. (Barbara Bitters,
DPI,> P.O. Box 7841, Madison, WI 53707-7841).......................

Barbara A. Bitters, Director
Equity Mission Team
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
P.O. Box 7841
Madison, WI 53707-7841
fax 608-267-0364

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