[EDEQUITY Equity Now]Restraining orders on a growing basis

From: Emile Rosenberg (RosenbergE@k12.Waltham.ma.us)
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 10:42:51 EDT

In our schools we experience restraining orders on a growing basis.
Sometimes they reflect a family situation, with one parent or the other
forbidden to go to the home or the school, due to violence or the threat of
violence. Occasionally, restraining orders have been issued by the court
protect one student from another. This becomes very problemmatic for
schools when there is only one high school in the community. School staff
are required to attempt to keep the students separated throughout the
day and at all school sponsored events. I wonder if some of you have faced
similar situation and how you dealt with them.

"Emile Rosenberg"
Assistant Superintendent of Waltham Public Schools

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