[EDEQUITY Equity Now] Looking for resources....

From: Takahide Ikeda (uri-chan@pop21.odn.ne.jp)
Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 10:28:03 EDT

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Two years ago, I wrote a thesis about gender-free education
in Japan, and send it to you to have your comment on it.

I have still been trying a series of studies on gender-free
education in Japan using autobiographical methods.

But, to my shame, I don't know very much about gender
equality educations of other countries.

So I would like to collect as many documents of programs
of gender equality education as possible.

Could you please let me know if you know about them and
recommend some useful publications or web sites.

Sincerely yours,
Takahide Ikeda
Phone +81-86-255-2032
Okayama, Japan

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