[EDEQUITY Equity Now]Racial separation ruled unconstituional

From: Emile Rosenberg (RosenbergE@k12.Waltham.ma.us)
Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 13:30:30 EDT

One realistic fear involves past history and also the track records of some
of those making the proposals. The story of the camel's nose is

People in a tent may feel that there is no problem with the camel's nose
sticking into the tent to keep sand and sun off it. However, the camel may
then want its head in the tent and as the parable evolves, the entire
camel's body enters and the tent falls. Racial separation was ruled to be
unconstitutional even though some might argue about what is so bad about
separation. In South Africa, apartheid had its advocates, as well. Wars
are most effective in terms of death and destruction when combatants do not
speak each other's language nor understand each other's cultures.
Togetherness and mutual knowledge and respect derived from actual
are strong foundations for equity and peace. It may all come down to
I am not as trusting as you regarding the supposed benevolence of the
proposals. Past experience has been otherwise.

 Emile Rosenberg
Assistant Superintendent of Waltham Schools

From: Mary White[SMTP:mwhite@pv.wesd.k12.az.us]
Subject:[EDEQUITY Equity Now] Title IX and single -sex is not so bad

This may be an awfully na´ve question, but I wonder why is it all so bad
that the potential changes in Title IX that would allow single-sex
institutions? ..............................

Mary Aleta White, Ph.D.
Director - Project EAGLES
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