[EDEQUITY Equity Now] Closing statement by Emile Rosenburg

From: Emile Rosenberg (RosenbergE@k12.Waltham.ma.us)
Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 15:55:02 EDT

It has been said that a journey of one thousand miles begins with
the first step. Our recent dialogue confirms that we are fellow travelers
on an exciting journey, but that after thirty years, we still have miles to
go before we can sleep calmly...before we can be assured of permanent,
inviolable equity.

Margaret Mead once remarked that each new generation affects society
like an invasion of savages. She was speaking about the sociological need
to train individuals and groups in the customs, values and habits of
civilized society. This begins in the home where infants must learn to
care for themselves, understand right from wrong and acquire a broad array
of skills and knowledge. Much that they learn comes from the adult models
around them and later siblings and peers. The process of converting
"savages" into successful, respectful adults continues in our schools and
the workplace. Equity specialists are vital quality control facilitators
and catalysts in this process.

Each of you is vital to the process of ensuring equity. Our recent
sharing should confirm for you that you are not alone. You have the power
to move mountains...mountains of bureaucratic red tape, of bias and of
ignorance. When the road becomes bumpy, continue the journey. Together,
have made much progress and many needed victories await us. I am proud of
you all.

Dr. Emile Rosenberg
Assistant Superintendent of Waltham Schools
Waltham, MA

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