[EDEQUITY Equity Now Dialogue] Concludes

From: Hilandia Rendon, EdEquity Moderator (edequity-admin@phoenix.edc.org)
Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 16:34:12 EDT

Greeting to Everyone:

This has been an exciting two weeks of dialogue on the kick off of
Celebrating 30 years of Title IX. There were many threads to the discussion
that clarified myths of Title IX and single sex issues, as well as spoken
from the heart on how gender equity needs to continue to be built into the
curriculum of schools in the 21 Century. Many thanks to the nine panelists
who offered their time and their expertise on the historical perspective of
Title IX and how our commitment towards gender equity must continue with
the next generation of advocates and educators.

We also thank you,the members of EDEQUITY for your continuing support
reading, providing comments, and allowing us to coming into your e-mail
boxes to discuss an important part of history.

If you want to review this EdEquity Dialogue with the Experts or past
dialogues you can visit our URL:

The next Dialogue with the Experts is scheduled for August 20-24, 2002 on
Disabilities and Gender Equity. I am currently in the process of locating
panelists. The discussion will focus on: What is the status of girls and
women with disabilities, and the issues and challenges they face? Has the
school system improved in creating gender equitable classrooms environments
that benefit all students. What new resources are available for teachers,
administrators, and parents? These are but a few samples of possible
questions that will be discussed. So stay tuned for more updates on this

We would also like to take this opportunity to ask you what you thought of
the Dialogue we have had so far and whether you found it useful. We also
welcome suggestions on how we can improve future Dialogues to better serve
your needs.

Please respond to the following questions and e-mail them back to the
EDEQUITY Administrator at Edequity-Admin@mail.edc.org by June 13, 2002.

Again, thanks for your participation.

Hilandia Rendon
EDEQUITY Moderator

1. Do you generally participate in EDEQUITY discussions? How often?

2. Did you post a message in any of the Dialogues? Why or why not?

3. Did you face any barriers to participating in the Dialogues?

4. Are you using any of the information or strategies discussed in these
   Dialogues in your efforts to improve educational equity? If so, how?

5. Which Dialogue was most valuable to you? Why?

6. What suggestions do you have for improving these Dialogues?

7. What topics would you suggest for future Dialogues?

8. Do you have any other comments you would like to share about Dialogues
   or EDEQUITY discussions generally?

   Thank you!

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