[EDEQUITY] Resource: Executive Summary

From: Christina M. Vogt (Genderwatchers@cs.com)
Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 15:37:46 EDT

Dear ALL:

I was touched by Barbara Bitter's closing argument in the last online
discussion. I have just finished a two year study of women and men in
engineering to indeed determine if the gap has closed. I am running the
statistics and will have an executive summary available by the end of June
for anyone interested -- I sampled 700+ men and women across 4 major
universities and have compared the differences -- I found that although the

gap is closing, a closer scrutiny indicates that we must not get fooled
thinking it is closed -- I measured 13 variables with a 75-item
using detailed statistical analysis and concomitantly did a two year
ethnographic study -- sat in undergrad and grad engineering classes (I was
engineer), interviewed men and women faculty, spoke in detail to university

academic counselors, held men's and women's focus groups, spoke to SWE
assemblies at 5 campuses, IEEE groups -- and examined the major existing
research -- the point -- if anyone wants a summary report (end if June)
me an email as I will not post it on our site -- if anyone wants a data set

copy (SPSS), write a request for that and I will need a signed release --

Christina M. Vogt
Executive Director
Sponsored by International Gender Organization

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