[EDEQUITY] Title IX/Non-trad. Post Secondary question

From: McKevitt, Susan (SMcKevitt@ed.state.nh.us)
Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 15:47:55 EDT

This is a bit off the current topic yet related to male/female issues in
education. I hope people will indulge my coming in with my question.

I have been doing Perkins on-site reviews with the postsecondary recipients
in my state and among other things, addressing the non-traditional
enrollments in courses being offered. (In NH, every Perkins recipient must
have an Equity Committee that addresses issues of access and success for
special populations in their programs). One of the project managers offered
that in some instances, males are not that welcomed in the early childhood
programs by the females because there is an environment of sexual suspicion
towards the males on the part of the females. The project manager wasn't
sure if that meant that the males are looked at as sexual predators or
pedophiles, or if the males are considered gay and that is the genesis of
the female's feelings of being uncomfortable.

I am curious if any others have heard of this? I have been under the
impression and belief that females are generally welcoming of males into
programs much more so than females are accepted by males.

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